Wednesday, September 15, 2010

william m. joel likes hydrogen

so we have something interesting going on today.  first if you check over here with my aunt motherfucking becky, you'll see that she's asked her pranksters (like me!) to try an internet prank.  read her blog to get the gist of it, and you may see the pertinence of the blog being named 'william m. joel likes hydrogen'.

or not.  the hydrogen part is all for annah, whom i may or may not have a blog crush on.

who is william m. joel, you may ask?  well, the 'm' in william m. joel stands for martin.  and william m. joel's more common name is billy joel.  but billy joel is more commonly searched.  and i wanted to use a middle initial.

hmm.. i'm not sure william m. joel really has the kind of far reaching impact as aunt motherfucking becky's choice does.  but i guess i can search for william m. joel and see if my blog comes up.  and you can search for william m. joel and see if it comes up.

gosh.  did i just single-handedly ruin this prankster's internet prank by choosing william m. joel?  i sure hope not.

it's just that, really, william m. joel is my favorite singer/songwriter ever.  i have every album william m. joel has ever released, and have seen him in concert like nine times.  and william m. joel doesn't like constantly tour.  i'm only 30.  william m. joel has been touring and making music since before i was born.  heck, before my parents were even together.  he's released many great songs, like 'piano man', 'we didn't start he fire', 'lullaby', and 'pressure'.  just to name a few.  william m. joel's album 'the stranger' was ridiculously popular, reaching number 2 on the charts and spawning four top 25 hits.

also, my parents knew of him when he was just william m. joel.  he grew up in the bethpage/hicksville/levittown area of long island, just like my parents.  william m. joel was once in a band called the hassles.  supposedly a friend of my mom's dated william m. joel in high school or some shit like that.  you can read some of william m. joel's history here, at his wikipedia page.

so william m. joel is kind of a hometown hero to many long islanders. and of course, i'm from long island, new york.  just like william m. joel.

go to google.  or yahoo, or whatever.  and search for william m. joel.  and tell me if this fucking prankster's internet prank shit worked.

also, i may have to name my next pet william m. joel.  i remember mom and awesome husband telling me i could have hermit crabs.  this weekend sounds like a good time to pick one up and name it william m. joel.


  1. Google didn't show you for william m. joel on the first 5 pages. I don't know about the rest.

  2. William M. Joel will soon overtake searches.

    I can just tell.

    Also, I'm tired, and somewhat worried my first sentence doesn't make any sense.

    If not, I'm sorry.

    To both you and William M. Joel

  3. So far...William M Joel isn't coming up on the Google search engine, but I have a feeling that in the next day or so, it will. I keep checking my Adam M. Lambert post. Not yet.....

  4. I would have to agree with you that "Piano Man" is one of the best songs that William M. Joel wrote. I am curious, though, of what type of pet would best suit the honorable name of William M. Joel. Of course, you could choose many and name them William M. Joel the first, William M. Joel the second, ... you get the point.

  5. William M. is good shit. I have seen him a ton of times, and in a number of cities too. I even had the fortune of meeting him once. one of the perks of an old job I had in radio. The Stranger is prly my fav song.

    Just wish he was a better driver...


  6. I *heart* William M. Joel. And Aunt Becky. My target is Kathleem M. Griffin.

  7. i'm not showing up on the first like 11 pages of william m. joel searches... YET. i have high hopes. william m. joel is like my absolute FAVE of all time. i totally love william m. joel.

    i like the idea of naming my pets william m. joel sequentially. this may happen.

    @simple: boo. one of my goals in life has been to meet william m. joel, since he is sort of a hero of mine. i'm totes jealous.

    google search matthew p. damon and john c. mayer and see the PRANKSTERS AT WORK :D PRANKSTERS FTW!

  8. I saw William M. Joel aka Billy Joel in concert years ago in Chapel Hill, NC. Billy Joel / William M. Joel totally rocks.

    Check out my prankster fun and read about my love affair with John S. Barrowman.

  9. okay, obviously i chose a bad target. william m joel searches return like well over 6 million pages. i'll never get front pageyness this way *sobs*

    i have failed my aunt motherfucking becky and fellow pranksters :( sowwy guys.

  10. I wonder how William M. Joel would think about joining the ranks of the likes of Sophia Anna Bush in the fun of being John C. Mayer-ed!!

  11. Dammit, william m. joel is da bomb.

    I heard that william m. joel was once in a band called the hassles on this one blog I read.

    william m. joel used Christy Brinkley in his uptown girl video, but now william m. joel is starting to look old and could never snag a hottie like her.

    I wonder if william m. joel would ever want to snag a hottie like Gerard J. Butler?

    I am gonna link to everyone’s Blog from Mommy Wants Vodka to assist in their google success!!

    Only the good die young! Or.. only the ill=linked won't make page one! or something that william m. joel would say.