Tuesday, March 5, 2013

continuing education

sometimes i wonder why i thought going to school full time and working full time was a good idea.

my work day lasts from 8:15am to 5pm monday through friday.  my commute is over 30 minutes (which is really not that bad at all... i shouldn't complain about that).  so i wake up at 6:30ish and get home at 5:30is.  which means about 11 hours of my day is geared toward dressing/makeup/commuting/work.  then i get home and have a snack, shower, dry my hair or whatever, cook dinner, and try to relax a bit.  in bed between 10-11pm, and then do the whole thing over again.

oh, and then factor in school.  mondays i wake up at 6:30, spend the day at work, and go to school.  i have just enough time to hit a drive through or chipotle for dinner before class.  which doesn't end until 9:15.  so i'm lucky to be home by 10pm.  a few minutes to unwind, a quick shower, and off to bed.  and every other saturday i spend the entire day in school.  from 8:30 to 4:45.

and then factor in homework.  i'm carrying a full class load and have a bucket of homework and research and writing and shit to do.

i shouldn't complain.  i know i shouldn't complain.  but really.  i came home from work, had some edamame, checked my email and what not, sat with awesome husband @_antgas for a few minutes, washed some dishes, juiced some carrots and apples and chard, showered, made dinner, ate dinner, and then tried to relax for a bit.

so i'm sitting on my couch, half watching 'the big bang theory'.  writing a blog.  with my shoulders all tied up in knots.  i'm assuming it's the stress that i'm hoarding.

i should probably schedule a massage.

i take three classes a trimester - yes, trimester.  i go to school year round.  16 weeks a trimester.  i think what bugs me the most about school is how this trimester i took a monday night class.  every monday night.

i won't be doing that again.

last trimester, i took two saturday classes (every other saturday, all day) and two online classes.  if you haven't taken online classes, they are no fucking joke.  online college is harder than 'traditional' college. there is a lot of crap and writing and whatever involved.  it is a lot of work.  i did my associate's degree all online and it was a lot of work.  it was only two classes at a time, but each class only lasted 9 weeks.  so it was very, very intense.

what i like about traditional college is the classroom experience.  i was scared about being in a room with people and having to have, you know. conversations and debates.  but i really like it.

of course, i have three term papers due in the next few weeks (i haven't started ANY OF THEM) and two big assignments due in less than two weeks.  but whatever.  i'm thrilled because i have an ENTIRE WEEKEND off.  i do not have to wake up saturday or sunday.  i am not setting my alarm.  i am shutting the bedroom door and ignoring the cats.

and there are only three days left until this beautiful, wondrous thing can happen.

then monday?  back to school.  it starts all over again.

damn it.