Saturday, June 25, 2011

a real blog post! OR, welcome to new york. now learn how to fucking drive.

i mean, i know how to drive in new york.  it's where i learned how to drive.  the problem is all the other fucking new yorkers that don't know how to drive.

that statement may not make sense to you if you have not driven in new york.  and by 'new york' i mean the tri-state area of new york, not 'upstate', or 'canada'* as i like to call it.

now, i have no photos of our new place yet, because i refuse to take photos while it's still all fucking filled with stupid fucking cardboard boxes and shit like that.  BUT i do have photos of our last days in florida and our drive to new york.

awesome husband and me during out last dinner at orlando benihanas.

jake sleeping on a chair: doing it wrong, but cutely.

the girls - samantha and piglet - in their crate. they cuddles most of the time, and fought a bit of the time.  but mostly slept or stared longingly at me, imploring me to let them out.  no dice.

awesome husband driving.  somewhere.  hmmmmmm based on the angle of the sun, i'm going with georgia.

proof that i fail at estimating space. we ran out of space in the truck, we ran out of space in our car, and we ended up leaving some shit behind.  i'm okay with it.

again, i'm going with georgia because it looks to be around noontime. 

days inn, ashland VA.  not bad.  not great, but not bad.  got a discount and the room was $47.  so, you know.  sadly, the jacuzzi didn't work.  the cats definitely enjoyed it water-free though.

taylor scoping out the motel room.

the pool at the days inn.  not sure when the last time a LIVE human swam in this pool, but the fauna it exhibited were many and varied.  and frightening.

outside of ashland, va

driving around DC.  because you can't drive THROUGH DC.  and i got shitty photo opportunities because there was no fucking traffic. not really complaining because traffic around DC can be BRUTAL.

so.  there you have it.  some of our trip to new york last month.  it's been five weeks since we got to our new place and it's slowly coming together.  we had to buy almost all new furniture (this was planned - i used 'moving' as an excuse to get rid of all the furniture i didn't like any longer) and it's all here now.  we're actually hoping to hang some curtains and pictures on the walls this weekend.

we also got our new york state driver's licenses.  and those horribly ugly golden yellow license plates for my red car.  yeah, that looks AWESOME.  thanks, new york state.

and i'm back in school after a three week break.  taking another psychology class called 'i think, therefore i am?'.  seriously.  and a world religions class that seems to completely discount neo-pagan religions.  which is upsetting, but should make for an interesting class.

AND we bought an elliptical machine.  yup.  we'll see how well that works out.  awesome husband lifts weights and shit like that and only did FIVE minutes on it to start.  i'm hoping to start working out and losing some weight.  after i shake this wonderful new york summer sinus infection/cough/cold/whatever the fuck it is.  yeah.  good times, good times.

*no offense to any canadians who may be reading.

Friday, June 17, 2011

still a bad blogger

seriously.  you know, it's like i really want to blog, but i don't have a lot to say that isn't moving-related right now.  i also really want to post pictures from our trip to new york and of the new digs, but i don't want those photos to be filled with the fucking boxes that they are.

so instead, i'm posting a picture of my cat.

that's me and sammy in my new office.  it's a FUCKING MESS.  but you can DEAL WITH IT.

i promish, i'm working on it and will have photos and appropriate blog posts soon.  but also, you can have this, courtesy of sisterfromanothermister.

click here to see cute things. i promise.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

being a bad blogger

yeah.  i know how to be a bad blogger.  i've been so busy with working and buying new furniture and shit like that.  i haven't had time to do shit like this.

like blogging.

i will again soon.  once we have the dining room set up, i'll be taking some photos of the new place since we all know 'photos, or it didn't happen'.

so logically, without photos of my move to new york and new house, it didn't happen.  my entire move would be nullified.


i did take photos of our trip up too, just a few.  i don't think i took photos of the house before it was filled with our shit.  but i have photos of my shit and the cats and all the new crap i had to spend my inheritance on to furnish my new rental house.


in other news, awesome husband works 3:30-11:30pm so i'm trying to adjust my schedule a bit.  i'll probably be working until midnight most nights. 

i hope i don't have to move again for quite some time.  i also bought a china cabinet.  from a clearance place so it's got a couple of scratches since it was a floor model.  but i got it for 55% less than the list price.  and it's like a couple of scratches.

it's bad enough that i bought a FUCKING CHINA CABINET.  who am i, my grandmother? 

but i have a china service for 8 that needs storage.  and a fuckload of mikasa stemware that is sitting in boxes still.