Thursday, June 2, 2011

being a bad blogger

yeah.  i know how to be a bad blogger.  i've been so busy with working and buying new furniture and shit like that.  i haven't had time to do shit like this.

like blogging.

i will again soon.  once we have the dining room set up, i'll be taking some photos of the new place since we all know 'photos, or it didn't happen'.

so logically, without photos of my move to new york and new house, it didn't happen.  my entire move would be nullified.


i did take photos of our trip up too, just a few.  i don't think i took photos of the house before it was filled with our shit.  but i have photos of my shit and the cats and all the new crap i had to spend my inheritance on to furnish my new rental house.


in other news, awesome husband works 3:30-11:30pm so i'm trying to adjust my schedule a bit.  i'll probably be working until midnight most nights. 

i hope i don't have to move again for quite some time.  i also bought a china cabinet.  from a clearance place so it's got a couple of scratches since it was a floor model.  but i got it for 55% less than the list price.  and it's like a couple of scratches.

it's bad enough that i bought a FUCKING CHINA CABINET.  who am i, my grandmother? 

but i have a china service for 8 that needs storage.  and a fuckload of mikasa stemware that is sitting in boxes still. 


  1. I love me some Mikasa! And we also decorate and cook with pet hair....only our's comes from our "black dog daughter",Belle.

  2. I'm in the same bind (granted I'm reading this weeks late)...I want to blog about the move but the house is still a ridiculous wreck, and what photos I do have are still trapped on my camera. Heavy sigh. Side note? Love me some Mikasa stemware.