Thursday, May 26, 2011

live from new york....

yup.  we've been here a week now.  it's been a hell of a week, too.  we've done nothing but unpack, eat take out or fast food, and build furniture.

and shop for furniture.  we still don't have a living room, but it should be delivered tomorrow.

my office is just about set up.  i'm writing this on my new ikea desk.  it's pretty big.  i might take photos at some point.

the cats handled the move very well.  HOWEVER jake apparently scratched his cornea and it's ulcerated and nasty and disgusting and he can't see out of it.  we were here four days before i was able to introduce jake to our long-time new york vet.  and i took taylor to the vet the monday before we left florida.  ridiculous.

really ridiculous.

anyway, jake has a follow up tomorrow.  we hope he will not permanently lose vision in that eye.  the same thing happened to one of my friend's cats and he seems fine now.  so i'm really hoping.

so i moved into this house sight unseen.  awesome husband and my brother (and sisterfromanothermister) had seen this place but not me.  it was surprising and pleasing aside from the kitchen which is WOEFULLY lacking in cabinet space.  and had no pantry.  we rectified that by buying a free standing pantry (at ikea, mais oui) and it fits TONS OF SHIT.  we've spent more money on shit at ikea than i'd like to admit.

and we still don't have lights in most rooms.  like NONE of the rooms have overhead lighting so we need lamps everywhere. 

but the cats are superhappy.  taylor is more active than i've seen him in years.  i don't know if he's superhappy to be back with our brother or what, but he bounds up and down the hallway chasing after jake or samantha.  it's very cute.  except they all think that the carpets are for scratching, so we really really really really need to get a scratching post.

i already went back to work on tuesday, and awesome husband starts his new job on june 1st.  we found out he'll be making more money than we originally thought, and we're REALLY happy about that lol.  it will be a 3:30-11:30 shift and he'll be a shop foreman.  so instead of just doing the mechanic-y things, he has to help all the other peeps in the shop.  and that late shift is made up of a lot of younger guys.  his manager said if he can whip those guys into shape in 60 days, he could be looking at even more money.  it's a really really great opportunity - very exciting.

and i have a new position with my company, which is a pain in the ass to describe but i'm happy with it.  for now.

so hopefully some other people will have moves that end up as good as mine has.  good times, people, good times. 

and i've already had some greek food in the past week.  delicious.  and happy.


  1. I am demanding pictures! That is all.

    Absolutely delightd that your move went well. Glad it's all behind you, doll.

  2. Agggggh. My house has like, zero overhead lighting. I'm still finally syncing up my lamps with my lightswitches ("why doesn't this outlet work?" and "which outlet connects to the switch?" are all daily games I play). I also have a WOEFUL cabinet situation, but we didn't go to Ikea like smart people. We set up a wire rack, Top Chef style. Our kitchen is embarrassing.