Tuesday, May 10, 2011

good news and why i hate most things.

unless you've been following me on the twitter (@stephgas people, get on that please) you are probably unaware that shit's been coming up roses this week.

after a crappy mother's day spent fucking hating most things and crying at a commercial about quitting smoking, monday was a refreshing change. 

seriously, this commercial is horrifying.  and i kept seeing it on mother's day.  and it kept. on. playing.  and awesome husband usually makes fun of me when i get all emotional and cry at commercials (usually publix's holiday commercials. dicks) even HE didn't crack a smile after this one.

this commercial is one of the WORST THINGS i've ever seen in my life.  apparently it's been around for some time and has even been written about by other people - about how fucking wrong it is. 

now, i'm a former smoker.  my mother died five months and five days before mother's day.  this was my first mother's day without her.  she died from lung cancer that had spread throughout much of her body.

and i had to keep seeing this fucking commercial.

the vodka helped, to be honest.  awesome husband drank rum and coke all day mother's day in honor of mom - that was what she drank.

so after multiple crying jags, a few vodka cranberries, and some cartoons, i went to bed and dreamed about two-ton 21 (one of my hermit crabs) breaking through the screen and escaping.  and coming after me.  yes, seriously.  i have no idea.

monday morning awesome husband and i woke up earlyish (8.  we had nowhere to be).  i have to work, he has to pack.  at this point, we still have NO definitive answers for housing or job situations.  we were supposed to hear back monday.  just after 9am, awesome husband's cell rings - and it's the realtor.  we have the house!  the most perfect house for us.  it used to be a mother-daughter, a high ranch.  the second kitchen in the lower apartment is now a big laundry room.  but my brother and sisterfromanothermister have the lower part which has a small living room, two bedrooms, a full bath, and the laundry room.  the upstairs part has a big living room, dining room, kitchen, full bath, and three bedrooms.  i've not seen it yet, but i'm told it's AWESOME and has navy carpeting.

which makes me a bit nervous.  awesome husband said 'blue carpet' and i said i hate blue carpet.  he said it's 'dark blue'.  i said, 'navy?' and he said 'yes'.  but he is a boy.  and boys don't always appreciate the subtleties in shades of blue.  so we'll see.

not twenty seconds after he hung up the phone, it rang again.  we were celebrating and it was a number he didn't recognize.  awesome husband answered it and it was a job offer.  more money than he was making down here and a higher position - shop foreman.  it's a great opportunity and we're superexcited about it.  it's actually at a dealership he worked at about 7 years ago before we moved to florida. 

so we had a good day yesterday.  i finally had an address to get quotes on moving our shit to new york.  now we have half a house-full of crap, us, our car, and four cats.  oh, and two hermit crabs.  and i didn't want to have to drive our car with the cats alone, and have awesome husband drive a rental truck because that would SUCK.  so we're using the same company we used to move down here.  they generally haul broadway-show type sets across country but rent out space on the tractor trailers for moving people.  we used them to move from new york to florida, we used them to move mom from new york to florida, so we're excited that they'll be able to help us out again.  i got my contract from them today and we're set to go.  it's costing us about $500 more than renting a truck and gassing it up, but it's worth it to us because we don't have to drive alone.  for 20-something hours. 

and then today, i started cancelling services here in florida.  the power will be shut off, the cable and internet, the phone, and the water.  and thursday i'll probably call to start having everything turned on in new york. 

then saturday we're having another yard sale to sell all this furniture that we're not bringing.  and my bestie is coming over saturday  night.  and sunday we're having a few friends over.  and monday i have my last day of work in florida. 

then tuesday, we load that truck.  and wednesday morning we're off on another adventure.

at least this one brings us back home.


  1. Moving sucks, but at least awesome husband has job and you have place and you sound uber-excited.

    And yes.. that commercial is bullshit.

  2. Glad things are looking up. Best wishes for a drama-free move. :)

  3. I'll second Yandie's comment moving sucks. Having done it so recently myself. Yikes!

    And you are right, that is an awful commercial. I've seen it many times myself and each and every time thought WTF were they thinking???

  4. Yard sales? Stop being so genius. Your competence and general all-around awesomeness has inspired us to FINALLY take a trip to Boston next week and find a place. It'll be a crappy apartment, not a sweet-ass house like yours, but whatevz. Someday I will have zombie shoes and awesome houses, too. Someday.

  5. @nicki - don't forget, the reason we have a sweet-ass rental house and not a crappy apartment is because we're living communally with my brother, and sisterfromanothermister will move in next fall when she's done with school. so we have double the income. sort of. mostly.