Monday, May 16, 2011

still trying to move

seriously.  it's like ridiculous.  now our buyers want five more days to close.  we've already got a truck on the way tomorrow to be loaded.  we're leaving wednesday morning.  i've had the utilities turned on at the new place in new york and have scheduled disconnects here in the FLA.

we sold a bunch of shit on saturday at a garage sale.  what we didn't sell, we called a guy from craigslist that said he'd pick anything up. 

he didn't take our couch and chair that have cat damage.  fucking cats.  like i care.  i hate that couch.  i can't wait to buy new stuff in new york.

and we bought new bedroom furniture that's still in the boxes.  a GROWN UP bedroom set.  with a dresser that has a mirror!  and nightstands that match!  OH EM GEE!

so there is some food in the fridge.  i made my bestie take a bunch of it when she came over saturday night because, hello, we can't take all those lean cuisines with us.

the only room that's kind of normal still is my office because i'm working still.  well, until 5pm today.  then i'm off for like a week. 

i'm not planning on being very active.  i know, i know.  you'll all miss me terribly.  but the next time i blog, it may well be from new york.  or from a rest stop where i'm eating fast food and trying not to kill the cats.

we'll see.

until then, keep your unit on you.

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  1. I'm thoroughly enjoying having someone to share my movestress with.