Tuesday, May 3, 2011

why u no follow me on twitter?


seriously.  DO EEEEET.

follow me on the twitter.  @stephgas.

what else?

 notice the shiny new uptweet button and facebook share button on my blog.

use them.

because i crave more followers.  i really do.  it's like high school all over again.  i want to be as popular as the other guys and gals on the bus with me.

i mean, i'll never be a 'the bloggess' or 'aunt motherfucking becky' or 'annah' or whatever.

but i can be a KICK ASS steph gas.

and blogger,  WHY U NO BON ME?

seriously.  have you SEEN the blogs of note recently?  am i not as good, if not better, than most of them?

i think i am.  but then again, i'm a narcissistic whore.

in other news, PACKING and FINDING A PLACE TO LIVE dominate my life.  i keep taking sims medieval breaks, but it's still pretty fucking ridiculous.  especially since i am not in new york, but in florida.  and i need to find a place to live in new york.


anyway.  fucking moving.  yeah.


  1. I am so excited to know all about your move and see pictures!!!!

    Did you compare me to Aunt Becky and The Bloggess? Sigh. I love you. Following you on Twitter now, booboo.

  2. Any leads at all for housing?

    Something will work out... just hopefully REALLY SOON, so you can stop being overwhelmed by it all.

  3. I am following you on theee tweeeeetterrrr (in creepy, stalker-ish, slightly latina voice)

  4. And have you noticed that we all mention mofoAB, and The Blogess, and Annah but none of us mention Allie Brosh anymore? Has Allie gotten so big we don't even consider her a blogger anymore? Or is she losing steam? What's up with that???

  5. i think it's because allie doesn't post as often as any of us would like, so we don't always think of her. but we're all SUPEREXCITED when a new hyperbole and a half blog shows up in our feed.

  6. I always feel ahead of the game when I read post like these and I'm like "I already follow her! I'm totally winning here!"

    Thanks for that. :)