Sunday, February 19, 2012

ergh. hello there.

my bad, y'all.  i've been so busy and crap that i just keep forgetting to blog.  but i have stories, loves.

i'm still on the whole nothavingtimetodoanything wagon.  i wake up, go to the gym (most days), work at home, go to the shop, hopefully stick some needles in people, come home.  if i get home earlyish, i make and eat dinner.  if i work until 10, i take off my makeup and fall into bed.  during down time at the shop, i do my college coursework.  and on my days off from the shop, i try to get some food shopping done, watch a movie, and go get shit done.  because on my days off from the shop, i still do the work-from-home thing.

it's a lot.  like, a lot a lot.  if i didn't have happy pills and tarzipan, i'm not sure it would be possible.  but this is what grown ups do... right?  i'm not working two jobs because we need the money.  i'm working two jobs because i want to be bringing some income in while piercing.  hopefully the more piercings i do, more people will want to come let me pierce them, and i'll start making more money, and maybe i won't need the work-at-home job for income.

because the i'd basically be doing something i really like.  something that i enjoy.  which is really great.  how many people get to say that?

in cat news, jake is ridiculous.  apparently he only loves me when i'm naked and dripping wet. 

i know how that sounds.  but wait a moment.

so when i shower, i always leave the bathroom door cracked so the cats can get to the litter boxes if they need to.  jake's new thing is to come into the bathroom while i'm in the shower and wait on the bath mat.  if he's not in there the whole time, he rushes in once he hears the shower curtain open.  as soon as i step onto the bathmat, jake starts rubbing on my legs, purring.  and getting wet because i've not toweled off yet.  and if i don't step out of the shower fast enough, he jumps up on the side of the tub to try and reach me.  he will stretch out and put his paws on my thighs. 

jake rubs all over my legs, purring and kneading the bathmat, while i start getting dressed.  then i have to sit on the side of the tub so he can jump up on my lap and keep making muffins on me.  and i scratch his little face and he purrs and rubs his face on my hands and digs his claws into my thighs and loves me.

the rest of the time, he just fucking ignores me. 

also, i know i've not told any of you about my awesome vacation to disney world or posted the gazillion photos that were taken, but i will do that really soon.  i hope.  i'm off tomorrow and awesome husband will be away on business, so i may have time to shop for shoes i don't need/eat too many twizzlers/watch 'breaking dawn: part 1' again/organize photos/post said photos.  we'll see. 

fingers crossed.

and finally tonight, i've gotten a new tattoo.  it's a jellyfish.  to go with my mermaid.  i kind of want to post photos, but it's in the peely stage and will look better once it's healed.  so you'll have to wait.

you like how i did that?  dangled that tantalizing tidbit in front of you to ensure you keep coming back for more?

as if my tattoos would keep you coming back for more.  

Thursday, February 2, 2012

best google searches

this is kind of a lame blog post, but i always read my stat thingies and see what brings people to my blog.  here's a list of some of my favorite and/or most flummoxing.

  • people making empanadas
  • do twizzlers expire
  • cat fuck love
  • entrance to disney world tunnels
  • expired twizzlers
  • bewbz
  • u no poo
  • can i save my migrated nipple ring
  • date on twizzlers is that a manufacture date
  • taylor little fuck
  • hogsmead train station
  • do twizzlers go bad

so, obviously, the ONE FUCKING BLOG POST i wrote about twizzlers is a big draw.  and the harry potterville at universal studios.

but mostly the fucking twizzlers.