Monday, October 4, 2010

cutesy names for serious medications

yes.  that's how i roll.  why call call it 'generic klonopin' or even 'clonazepam', it's proper name and which i likened to cloning marzipan.  because that's what it sounds like in my fucked up head.

well, awesome husband went one step further.  i was referring to it as cloned marzipan this weekend.  he decided to call it tarzipan.  observe:

see?  so now it's totally called tarzipan.  i may even write it on the bottle, because OBVIOUSLY.  awesome husband for the win.

in other news.  we had a garage sale.  it was, indeed, in the garage.  we did not have any twelve sided dice, though.

of course, we wouldn't sell them.  we actually need some twenty sided dice.  we used to have them.  but we don't now.  we lost them somewhere. 

anyway.  we made about $125 selling dumb shit that's been cooped up in this house for a year or two.  and we only sold about half of the stuff.  so now we have to figure out how to get rid of the other shit.  there's this garage sale store down the road (seriously) that sells stuff for charity.  that might be the way to go.  at least it's a write off.

my brother and his girlfriend are coming down from new york tomorrow!  we'll be doing disney and universal for a couple of days.  they're staying until sunday.  so i may or may not post at all from now until then.  i bet i will.  because i'll need some downtime to relax my feet.  there is A LOT of walking involved at the parks.  many people average 8 miles for each full day spent at a disney park.  really, it's tiring.  if you go gangbusters at disney, it's not a vacation - you need a vacation to recover.  we don't usually go crazy - we take our time and have fun.  disney's not going anywhere.  plus we go like all the time.  well, often enough.

so i'll end this pointless post here.  i'm really just procrastinating because i have to finish cleaning the house, and i really don't want to.  just can't get started today.  maybe i'll have another granola bar and take a nap.  then i'll clean.  maybe.


  1. If you're more concerned about getting rid of stuff than getting money for it, you may want to see if you have a local Freecycle chapter (

  2. I had a garage sale this past weekend and had some really good success - of course i was selling literally everything since I am moving in with the lady friend this coming weekend. Long story, but just about all of my stuff had to go... i've blogged about it quite a bit, sort of a therapy I suppose!

    I sold couches, beds, tables, desks, dressers, etc. Fortunately all the really big stuff sold but I am left with lots of smaller things like bed sheets, dishes, silverware, towels, etc. Looks like a goodwill trip is in my future.


  3. Dude that's AWESOME that you made money. I love getting rid of old shit. I don't know why it just makes me feel GOOD. Call me the Anti-Hoarder.

    p.s. Guess who's my XXX button holder of the week?

  4. ZOMG ANNAH!!! that rocks! and i'll have a shiny new blog up later today all about my vacation to places that are within 30 minutes of my house! THANKS!! :*