Thursday, September 30, 2010

destination: TRUTH.

awesome husband is obsessed with destination truth and ghost hunters.  all i want to do is like watch cartoons and baseball and have loving, caring, meaningful conversations with him... or my cats.

and josh is all underwater in some boat and just went into a room and was like 'oh, *bleep* i'm in a room full of bombs'.  and some other guy who is not in the watery room full of bombs is like, yeah, don't blow yourself up because a bunch of locals HAVE DONE JUST THAT.

who insures these guys?  i mean, i've seen them like repel down ridiculously sheer cliff faces at the drop of a hat, dive in pitch black water filled with sharks at night, and hunt in dark forests in the middle of nowhere for mythical creatures.  i mean, hello, there are still like bears there and shit.  and last week they were on the plains of africa, and LIONS were staring them down.

the destination truth people CANNOT be insured.  they must be, like, independently wealthy OR they own their own hospital or something.  because this is ridiculous.

in other television news:  i am devastated to inform you that the hilstrands and hansens will NOT be returning to season 7 of deadliest catch.  i understand why they're leaving, but it doesn't make it suck any less.  from what i have read, the cornelia marie will be back with jake and josh at the helm, but other than that, who cares?  i mean, did you REALLY want to listen to keith and the dicks on the wizard for another season?  lynn is the only thing that makes that boat bearable.

we are having a garage sale this saturday.  we keep moving dumb shit around with us, from new york to the apartment in florida then this house we live in now.  and we'll be moving back to new york (hopefully in the next few months) and i refuse to move some of this shit BACK UP THERE.  like i have a million partylite candles from when i was a candle lady.  i moved them from new york to florida and i still have a fuckload left.  i am not moving candles back to new york.  so i've been burning a lot of them.  i may sell some.  but probably not.  because they'll just melt out there.

that's right, it's still like 90 degrees every day here in central flori-fucking-da.  and it's about to be october.  which is like my favorite month.  i like the onset of fall IN NEW YORK.  here, we don't have fall.  dicks.  i got married on october.  halloween/samhain is in october.  the run up to the holidays hasn't started yet, it's not SUPPOSED to be a million degrees, and it's playoff time for baseball. 

so we're rockin' the garage sale this weekend.  we're actually going to have it IN the garage.  awesome.  and then next tuesday my brother and his girlfriend are coming down from new york!  they'll be here until sunday, and we're going to harry potterville at universal studios and disney.  and we'll do some hanging out and being awesome and general fun times.  i'll be busy as a little bee the next couple of days, between the garage sale and getting ahead on my school work, so i don't have to leave epcot early to finish assignments.  because that is not awesome.

and i dyed my hair today.  i used to use manic panic hot hot pink, but was told about special effects colors, and i bought atomic pink and hi-octane orange and this is what happened:

ohmahgah it's all pink and orange! please ignore my zit :/

it's like super bright.  the pink is a bit light in some areas, and that happens when you use some dyes over already dyed hair.  so awesome husband will help me hit those spots again.

while i was out there with my camera, i took some shots of taylor cat, the yowling fuck that he is.

holy fuck he's super handsome!  look at that boopable nose!

as annoying as he can be, i really really really really really love him.  he's my furbrother, and at 16 i know we're basically on borrowed time.  i do love him though.  his lips are grey, and his nose used to be all grey.  it's like a sign of his age and wisdom, since he's seen so much action in the fields (or yards) his greyness had rubbed off.  he's that hard core.  truth.


  1. Good luck with the sale... tackling my very first one this weekend as well. Ugh.

    I am into Destination Truth and Ghost Hunters too, and yes.. I full admit I am a dork. Love the pic of Taylor.. looks like he should cut back on the "herbal cigarettes" tho.


  2. That hair is totally kick-ass! I wish I could pull that off. I've always wanted bright purple hair. Or maybe flaming red...since it's already kind of red...or maybe...

  3. HOLY SHIT did your hair come out awesome!

  4. I think the hair is brill, but the cat?

    The cat rocks my (slightly oversexed and currently drenched in this fucking incessant London rain) world.

    Yes I'm a cat lady too.

    Bugger off.


    - B x

  5. Awesome hair! And that is one sexy kitty if I must say so :)