Sunday, September 5, 2010

i thought there was no school on labor day.

my first day of 'class' is tomorrow.  well, i have to post my bio.  so it's not really a 'class' so much as i just have to post something that i've already written.  i just have to log on and post it to both of my class message boards or whatever you want to call them.

does anyone else remember the interwebz back in the early days?  i do.  it must have been like 1994.  i had a friend who was a bit of a nerd.  sorry, but it's true.  and i remember hanging out with him on his computer, using 'old fashioned' message boards and chatting with some guy who claimed to be a chef in texas.  it was this strange string of code-looking crap that he'd type in to get us connected to this mysterious internet.  and then we'd play myst.

and then in 1997, i remember surfing the web at school for pictures of claire danes from 'romeo + juliet' to use as a screen saver on my home computer (we didn't have the internets).  and photos of shirley manson to print out and drool over.

i remember aol.  like, just aol.  before they assigned a number to it.  it came on disks - not cd's.  and getting booted off because there were too many people dialling into the same phone number you were to connect.  and aol chat rooms.  hahahahaha do i remember aol chat rooms.

but my real reason for this trip down memory lane interwebz style is message boards.  threads and moderators and lol'ing and trolls.  an easy way to interact with people who had common ideas or interests as we did, but lived thousands of miles away.  we'd trade jabs about music or politicians, talk about movies or video games.

and now, my class is basically a message board.  i will have shit posted online to read, basically submit my assignments by glorified email, and interact with my professors and classmates on a message board.  this is how i will get my degree.  who knew, when we first popped in that aol disk and waited 40 minutes to dial that aol number and not get a busy signal, that this would even be possible. 

i heart interwebz.

by the way, awesome husband just put on slaughter's 'up all night' on music on demand and told me it was for me.  i was like, i used to love slaughter.  how did you know that?  his answer?  i fucking hate slaughter, so i figured you'd like it.

what the fuck is up with that?!?!?  i liked slaughter when i was, like, 12.  it's not like i was rocking out to that last week.  dick.

in other news, i wore my new zombie stomper shoes out of the house for the first time, to benihana's for lunch.  i not only wore them, but stood and walked in them!  here's a photo of me at benihana's.  you will see my pink hair, the shoes, and this full-body shot will validate my big-girl status.

not only am i wearing them, i am balancing with
the aid of that huge concrete support.

we also had a good lunch.  tomorrow we're waking up early to go shopping.  the cats are getting low on kibble.  i shouldn't spend anything on those ungrateful bitches.  i dropped $300 at the vet yesterday for rabies shots and distemper shots and rectal thermometry.  and all they did was get mad at me.  fuckers.


  1. I love those shoes. Oh man, I really do. I'm robbing your outfit now, thanks :-D

  2. Yes, but do you remember IRC?

    Congrats on the whole school thing! Good luck! :)

  3. i *completely* remember irc. i remember how much i hated it. i don't know why, but i never got into irc. or yahoo! messenger. or whatever the hell microsoft wants me to use for messaging. i'm an aim whore.

    although, now that i'm a mac as well as a pc, i do love ichat.

  4. Friggin' cats. I feel your pain. And if they're anything like MY cats, that pain is in the ass.

  5. Excuse me but those shoes are too beautiful and trendy for words Miss Thing. LOVE 'EM. And my friend Sofia loves Benihana. I've never been there, but she's always raving about some soup that they have. :) Glad you had fun!

    OH! and I remember the dial up days as if they were yesterday. AOL Chat rooms and how excited I'd get to hear "You've got mail!" LMAOOOOOO

  6. I had dial up for wayyyyy longer than I care to admit. Painful memories.

    And you need to stage some sort of zombie apocalypse because those shoes are AMAZING and need to be featured more often. Like on CNN.

  7. In about 1997 I had dial-up and a Napster addiction... you know, the good Napster when we were all thieves. Not a good combo as my phone line was tied up for hours at a time downloading songs that turned out to be mislabeled anyway! Shit!


  8. @ms. co - can i call you ms. co? thanks :D i love these shoes!

    @yandie - they're all pains in their own unique ways. but most of those ways end up costing me either money or blood.

    @annah - thanks darling :D they have onion soup at benihana, it comes with the hibachi style service. deliciousness. they have a full sushi menu, too, but i'm not that adventurous yet.

    @nicki - i have a cut or something on my arm that looks like it *might* be the start of a zombie infection. i'll keep you posted.

    @simple dude - i hated mislabeled songs. but i still remember downloading that first song. it took like 42 minutes. over dial up. for ONE SONG.

  9. 1. Cute shoes.
    2. I loved AOL chat rooms, and I loved the sound of dial up internet.

    It is crazy to me that we used to have to choose between having an open phone line and the internet... Now everyone can update their twitter, facebook and send a text message at the same time.

    I don´t even want to think about what 10 years will be like.

  10. @reality - i know. it seems like technology has advanced so quickly in the past 10-15 years. i can't wait to see what the future holds!

    @ms. co - thanks :D