Wednesday, September 1, 2010

who's a cute little college student?

that's right - i am.  i finally heard back this afternoon and am completely accepted and enrolled and whatever the fuck else i need to be for university of phoenix.  my first classes actually start next week.  

i also feel the need to point out that i heard my father say he's proud of me for only the second time in my 30 years on this planet, and it didn't even really make me tear up at all.  i guess i'm finally getting over my father's lack of fatherness.  or i just don't care anymore. 

either way.

i'm all signed up to get my associates degree in early education, so i can be a sort of teacher, like a teacher's aide or sub or what not.  i'm hoping to somehow work with gifted children eventually.  i went to a special gifted program when i was in elementary school, and really loved it aside from the fact that it made me an outcast with my classmates in my regular, every day class.  so maybe i can get involved with that kind of program and help show kids that it doesn't fucking matter what your friends think about your gifted ass - you fucking rock just the same.

so here's to me being awesome and rocking the hell out of school.  now i'm going to go celebrate with awesome husband.


  1. I totally support you in your quest to further your education and agree that those who are gifted should have the opportunity to learn early on in life that it doesn't matter what their classmates think of their gifted butts because they are gonna rock the freakin' world.

    I'm so proud of you. Not that it matters what I think. Just my .02

  2. thanks :P rocking the freakin' world is TOTALLY my new mission statement. it may be my campaign slogan when i run for supreme dictator of the USA. stay tuned for a blog about what i will change in this country. hopefully i can count on you for your votes.

    also, thanks for being proud of me. i'm pretty proud of me at this point too! and my dad said he was proud of me for the second time in my 30 years on this planet. i shouldn't care. but i do :/