Tuesday, August 31, 2010

earworm of the day

so inspired by the empress over here, i'm thinking of starting a bit of a new blog gimmick called 'earworm of the day'.  

earworms are those fucking songs that get stuck in your head.  like, really stuck.  to the point where you have to kill someone or blow your brains out to get that song out of your head.

for an interesting twist on my own personal earworms, i literally wake up with a song playing in my head every morning.  i routinely tell awesome husband about it.  for weeks, it was this one song that i love.

but now i love it considerably less, since i kept hearing it, in it's entirety, in my fucking head.

my idea is to share with you, faithful readers (all, like, 9 of you), that song.  i will put a link to a youtube version of it if at all possible, so you can hear a bit of what goes on in my head on a daily basis.

because i'm dead serious.  some people wake up to an alarm clock.  i wake up with a song playing in my head.  i TOLD you i was batshit crazy.  is it my fault you didn't believe me?  maybe the songs are actually from the alarm clocks that belong to the voices in my head.


anyway, this morning (and, might i add, yesterday morning too) i woke up with 'doubt full' by new found glory playing in my head.  it's off their catalyst album, which i totally love.  for now.  i guess it depends how many more days i wake up hearing this song.

so, let me know what you think.  not of the song, i don't need you to tell me how much new found glory rocks.  but of this idea about sharing even more idiocy from my brain cavity.

in other news... well, there is no other news right now.  i'm in fucking florida, it's fucking hot, and i'm full of hate and dislike for these things, among many other things.  so there.

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