Saturday, August 28, 2010

just a quick thought...

i was reading a few articles about glenn beck's 'restoring honor' bullshit in washington today.  i won't get into why i dislike him or his 9.12 'project' or any of this tea party crap.  well, i won't today.  that might be another post.

i know you can't change people's minds.  you can't tell them what to believe or not to believe.  but we are all students and teachers, and one of my personal things is educating people - enlightening them - helping them open their minds.  i like to promote tolerance, acceptance, love.

like, if you're a glenn beck fan, and agree with what he says.  IF i were to try and change your mind.  IF i wanted to talk to you and tell you why beck is wrong or whatever, i wouldn't just say 'he's wrong and you're stupid'.  i'd have examples, reasons why i think he is wrong, proof of his own words and deeds that show he is promoting hate and intolerance.

but do you ever just NOT feel like doing that?  i have a list of reasons why i disagree with the tea party movement.  i have a list of examples of why beck is a liar and how he promotes intolerance or hate.  i can whip them out and share them at a moment's notice.  but i sometimes feel like i'm banging my head on a brick wall.  you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink.

so i can share my opinion and ideas, and tell people why they should or should not support one person or another, but i can't change their mind. 

and honestly?  that makes me sad.  not that i want to control people's minds or free will, but that someone could support a person like beck, who is so intolerant and full of hate.  it just makes me sad that some people cannot see the truth that is in front of their faces.

and sometimes, i just don't want to have to keep showing them.


  1. Maybe you didn't lead the horse to water? Or maybe what it really wanted to do was eat?

  2. Well said, too many stupid people who suck up Fox for breakfast and don't have an original thought in their head in this country!