Tuesday, August 10, 2010

not a full on blog, but a bit of an update. to make myself feel more important, i'm hoping that my (seven) faithful blog readers have been wondering what happened with my new medication?

well, as you can see, i'm still alive and typing so day one was a success.

i got a bit sleepy during the day, lots of yawning around 3pm (i took the pill at 10am) and i basically felt a bit drunk most of the day. i had a small incident while making dinner (thankfully, awesome husband and mom are indeed awesome. dinner did end up being edible). i was able to sleep through the night... well, that's a lie. the medication did not affect my ability to sleep through the night. taylor was a shouty asshole cat last night and woke me up twice, and mom up twice. he won his bid for freedom at 5am. dick.

the other thing i think i noticed was that i felt like i was kind of ADD, you know - i couldn't focus on any one thing for too long. i also wasn't sure i wanted to eat - i just wasn't as hungry - so maybe i'll be one of the people who lose weight on this drug.

oh, but my pupils are funny. or at least mom thinks they are. she says they are reacting - they shrink when she shines light in my eye, but then they open back up... while the light is still in my eye. which explains the light sensitivity i've been experiencing. and mom really does think my pupils are 'funny' - she was laughing at my pupils until she was crying last night. not sure what to think about that...

it's also awesome husband's birthday today, so i'd like to say 'happy birthday' to him here, even though he never reads my fucking blog because he's an unsupportive dick. just kidding. but he doesn't read it.

he has new tunnels for his ears for his birthday. we both got new jewelry for our numerous body piercings yesterday, thanks to the free bin and clearance section at my fave website.

1/2" silicone eyelets, courtesy of bodyartforms.com

my new jewelry is not nearly as vivid. i mostly was after new balls for my lip piercings. i got new titanium balls in blue and green, and some random acrylic balls that are for tongue rings.... which i don't have. so either i have to get my tongue pierced, or some of my tongue-pierced friends will have new acrylic balls for their jewelry.

i'm thinking we might go out to dinner tonight, to celebrate *again*. awesome husband and i went to the melting pot for the first time on saturday for his birthday, but today's his actual birthday, so we should go out again. you only turn 30 once. unless you're like my ex-step-mother, who has celebrated her 29th birthday like ten times.

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  1. So far so good then. I'm thinking that the side effects could be way worse than 'funny' pupils, drowsiness, and feeling slightly drunk. Also I'm thinking it would be a relief if I just didn't feel hungry. Yay!