Wednesday, August 11, 2010

save the drama for your.... dad.

i swear, i really wanted to have a funny, witty, blog today. or at least, funnier/wittier than the last few.

but today i had some more side effects from my new meds. i guess, just more jittery and unable to focus. i sat at my sewing table for an hour and forty minutes, staring at five different fabrics and trying to figure out how to use them. then, when i finally gave up and put it all away for the day, i was overcome with sleepiness.

so i spent the rest of the day in bed watching harry potter 5 and 6. then awesome husband made me take a shower, and put stouffer's salisbury steaks in the oven for dinner. well, dinner for him and mom. i had a plate of french fries covered in pepper. yum.

so i ingested delicious french fries, messed around online for a bit, and watched some ghost hunters. i thought about posting a blog about being married without children. you know, something kind of cheeky and hopefully funny.

then i saw a status update from my aunt about my dad almost missing a flight from new york to florida. i live in florida. like two hours away from where he's going. and he *forgot* to mention when he was coming to florida. so even though i'm his first born, his only daughter (well... mostly. but that's another post), and willing to drive down the coast to see him for an afternoon, he neglected to tell me he was coming to florida now and set up a day to meet.

even though i only see him three or four times a year, tops. so i'm kind of bummed out now. i shouldn't be. this is par for the course for my dad. it's also the fourth or fifth time he's done this. he comes to florida once or twice a year to visit a friend about two hours from where i live, and never sets up a date or time to meet up. it kind of makes me feel rejected, even though it should not. my parents split when i was 6, which is twenty four years ago.

twenty. four. years.

so i've had quite some time to get used to my dad's flakiness. he was late to my girl scout moving up ceremony. he was late to my brother's first play. he was late to every play or concert i was involved in. he didn't show up to the art show i was in. he was late to my graduation. he was late to my brother's graduation. he misses planes, or gets there 3 minutes before take off. he is habitually late for reservations - we have a restaurant we frequent in new york where they are shocked if he is less than 30 minutes late. he showed up on time once, and everyone was speechless.

i'm convinced the only reason he wasn't late to my wedding was because we made my mom go with him.

i should be used to it. and i'm thirty - an adult. even if i'm batshit crazy, i'm still a grown up. i'm not a child. but when it comes to our parents, i think we always will be children.

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