Monday, September 13, 2010

weekend update

i know, a totally unoriginal title.  do you know how hard it is coming up with witty shit for my blog titles? i'd just as soon name them after rocks or elements on the periodic table.  fuckers.

item 1:  9/11/10 passed and another year went by of people clamoring for a federal holiday, or for no mosques near ground zero.  or went around spewing hatred or intolerance or whatever.  and i think two things every year on 9/11.  one is gratitude that my grandfather didn't live to see 9/11 (he died weeks before).  the other is that the terrorists are winning.

no, seriously.  as long as we hate each other for stupid things like skin color, religious beliefs, sexual preference, or whether you like backstreet boys or n*sync (i know, not terribly relevant in 2010, but you get the idea) the terrorists are winning.  as long as people try to get 9/11 recognized as a national holiday, where we shut everything down and have parades and barbecue, the terrorists are winning.

how do we keep the terrorists from winning, i hear you cry.  easy. LOVE EACH OTHER.  TOLERATE AND CELEBRATE THE DIFFERENCES THAT MAKE US ALL ROCK.  and STOP HATING SHIT! whether you hate blacks, gays, jews, redheads, droids, virgos, or twi-hards, just fucking stop it.  we don't have to be a warm, fuzzy country where we all cuddle glenn beck and spoon with sarah palin, but we can't spread hate and violence and intolerance like we do.  all religions basically boil down to that golden rule - do unto others as you'd have done unto you.  

then go spend some money and stimulate the economy, like i did in....

item 2: i went shopping.  saturday AND sunday.  i had a $25 off $50 purchase coupon for my fave big girl clothing store that expired yesterday.  i went to the store and didn't see what i wanted.  i went online and didn't see what i wanted.  so i compromised and went BACK to the mall yesterday to buy my compromise in store to avoid the $8 shipping fee online.  $104 worth of clothes for $56 after tax.  not bad.

item 3: i made it through my first week of college.  back in 1997, the first time i tried this college thing, i lasted 6 days.  and i'm actually really excited still.  i kind of hope that my classmates learn proper grammar and how to turn on spell check soon.  and learn how to follow directions.  so it's mostly like high school again right now.  i'm looking forward to when it picks up a bit - it's still a lot of basic info right now.  i'm interested in getting started on researching my essay topic (which i talk about briefly here).

item 4: i just today received my new package from my fave body jewelry store online.  i'm stretching my ear lobes to a 6g tonight, and i got cute little o-rings shaped like flowers and stars for my 16g seconds.  i bet i'll have photos soon.

item 5: my twin half-sisters turn 14 today.  they don't read this, so i won't bother saying happy birthday.  but it does make me feel a bit older.  they were born my senior year of high school, and they're in high school themselves this year.  i'm super excited that they're growing up though, and i feel like we've got a pretty good relationship now.  i hope that when i move back to new york, we can have an even awesomer relationship.

yes, i totally made up the word 'awesomer'.  fucking deal with it.

item 6: my aunt motherfucking becky over at mommy wants vodka gave me the go ahead to steal borrow her copyright tag.  i totally gave her credit, and now everyone knows that if they steal from my blog, they'll get herpes.  FUCK YEAH.

but actual people herpes.  not cat herpes like piglet has.  so, yeah.  you've been warned.

item 7: i'm up to 28 followers.  i think this is fucking brilliant and am continuing on my quest to get B.O.N.ed (blog of note) at some point in time.  i will warn you that i might start capitalizing on your clickiness soon and start showing an ad or two. 

hey, i'm a stay at home cat mom who doesn't work.  that new imac isn't going to pay for itself.


  1. Amen my friend. It's not hard for people who hate us to get the upper hand when we are taking care of it by fighting amongst ourselves. Well said!

  2. 28 followers? Consider yourself lucky. I have none.

  3. Gah, I got into it with my mom about the whole 'Us vs Them' (us being "Good ol' north americans" and them being.. well, everyone else, especially those trying to get into good ol' north america) mentality and how it's really not helping anything, in fact, making it worse. Seriously, people scare me sometimes.

  4. I noticed that you are up to 28 followers! That's very awesome! I'm so happy that things are looking up for you!

  5. Hello there! It's follower #28 speaking. Glad that I was mentioned by you indirectly ^_^

    I'm glad you had a good weekend and I wish I could go to Torrid as much as you did. I have no money most of the time so ya. I also did get sexy shoes from there a few weeks ago though!

  6. @molly - fighting amongst ourselves won't solve anything, i agree.

    @ms. co - it took me a while to get more than three. and one of those was awesome husband :/

    @yandie - many things scare me. luckily, my mom has fairly similar views to some of mine, and is open minded enough that she tolerates my socialistic ways. also, she's pretty non-confrontational, and doesn't want to debate the finer points of... well, anything, with me.

    @torystellar - thank you :D

    @ditz - woohoo! number 28! i FUCKING LOVE TORRID. i would marry torrid and have tiny little shoebabies with it if i wasn't already married. and it were legal to marry a company. and if stilettos + vagina actually equalled shoebabies. hmmph. ANYWHO which shoes did you get??

  7. I got the one with leopard print with another style...hold on I'll get a link.

    Anyways lol at you and shoebabies.

  8. Keep us posted on that grammar and spell check thing. Maybe if we made proper grammar usage a requirement to drive, or have a cell phone, kids would learn.

    New blog follower, by the way. Maybe #27? Love it!

  9. Sounds like a great weekend. If you break down and 'monetize' your blog you'll have to let me know how it goes - i've always been curious.

    By the way I have never been fond of Virgos and don't care what anyone says. I am myself a Virgo so that gives me the right. Of course I've always been a self-hating mother fucker.


  10. Hey there's nothing wrong with Virgos! I am one :P

  11. Oh yes. Tolerance is the answer. To so many of life's social problems.

  12. Love the idea of just spreading love. *big warm love spready hug for you*.

    Congrats on college! Hope you're taking at least one class you love.

    Finally, please name your next post Hydrogen, or Carbon. That would be awesome ;)