Monday, September 20, 2010

william m. joel, you're under arrest

i've completely given up on my john c. mayering of william m. joel.  seriously.  the comments i've been making on other people's john c. mayer posts with links to this here blog are driving searches for william m. joel to THEIR websites, but not here.  so obviously, william m. joel is completely un-johnc.mayerable.  which is sad.  but it's my fault.  maybe i should have picked someone better.  i have another idea for a john c. mayering.  i'm going to actually, you know, BLOG a bit before i try another john c. mayering, though.

so.  news.  well, i've also contributed a blog over at band back together, which is a great site that aunt motherfucking becky helped get started.  it's nowhere near as lighthearted as this here blog.  it's lots of survivors and people grieving and people recovering.  but it's good for all of us.  if you want to take a break from this and go read some serious shit, head over there.  it's a very welcoming community, and i'm already happy to be sharing there.

we finally started going to disney again.  it's still fucking hot and disgusting, but it's nice to go back.  i've missed it these hot summer months.  i got to go on toy story midway mania finally.  and we did the backlot tour and saw the beauty and the beast stage show - we had never done those before!  and of course, we had to do tower of terror.  because, obviously.  that's like the best.  and mom laughs the entire time.  it's pretty funny.  and the guy next to my accidentally groped me on the first drop.

so we did disney early yesterday morning, then came home and napped during the yankees game.  and then watched the jets/giants games.  and noticed three sheriff's cars by this house down the block.  (long story short on this house - they have like seven kids of varying races, three adults of varying races, cars stopping at all hours of the day and night, and a tiny dog that terrorizes the neighborhood when they let it loose.  we hate this house.  the kids have come up to my patio before and barked at my cat.  and brought that evil dog on it's leash RIGHT UP TO THE SCREEN on my patio and let him bark his head off at my cat.  poor taylor cat :c no wonder he shouts all the time.)  so there are like five teens in the driveway, and one younger kid (the one we really don't like).  one teen is in a red tee shirt and keeps talking to the deputies.  and then fatherish guy comes out.  and then a minivan screeches to a halt in front of the house, and two of the female adults get out, and one starts talking to the deputies too.  back and forth.  for like four hours - no lie. 

finally we notice the cars are gone, except for one - like they're watching the house.  and then early this morning, 6:30ish, i saw two unmarked cars there - on the lawn at strange angles.  like they pulled up in a hurry.  and then they were gone by 9am.  AND THEN this afternoon i noticed the two unmarked cars were back and i could see two sheriff's cars, i counted three deputies in uniform and two in those fancy bullet proof vests that say SHERIFF on the back.  they were talking to fatherish guy.  then the deputies were talking amongst themselves.  then they took a teen in a red shirt (same as last night? i don't know) and cuffed him in front of the door!  and then they started talking to fatherish guy and one of the adult females in front of the door.  then they walked towards one of the sheriff's car with fatherish guy.  AND CUFFED HIM.  so i got to watch them arrest two of the people from this house.

awesome husband missed it.  but i took photos for him, so it's okay.

but it makes me wonder - why would two adults be arrested from the same house?  if it was some kind of fight or domestic thing, wouldn't someone have been taken away last night?  obviously that's when it started.  and why were they back this morning?  what could have happened??  awesome husband thinks it may be a foster home.  to be blunt, there are many children of widely varying ages and races living there.  like from 18-21 all the way down to 4.  and three adults well over 35.  and we saw one of the kids trying to kiss another - and you wouldn't try to kiss your sister when you're like 12.  i did see a couple carrying a baby on the side of the house that i really can't see.  i don't know if they were involved, like taking the baby away, or if it was like neighbors or something just on their way out.

intriguing.  well, really, i'm just nosy.  i blame my mother for it.  i really want to know what happened though. 

and finally, i've completed week two of college: mark II.  i am running 100% in english 101 and 98% in my general studies thing (which is where we learn about... well, learning online) because someone is a stickler for word counts.  i lost points for being at 303 when she asked for 200-300.  hmph. 


  1. You actually lost points for having 3 more words? That's bullshit. What a bitch. I would protest. I'll be willing to bet that more than half the other students had just 200, and even then they pushed it by making sure to not use a single contraction, or using "and" instead of commas when making lists. Douchebags.

    Good job, though.

  2. Oh, and about the whole po-po situation: I dealt with the same thing when i lived with my ex. There was a house down the street that we were convinced was a drug dealers house. No one would be out before noon and they stayed up SUPER late. There was always shady activity happening at that house.

  3. eh, i'm letting the 'lost points' go. i've just noted that some teachers are sticklers for word counts. i can understand the purpose - they don't want to have to read a thousand word assignment from every student. but three words is, like, nothing. w/e. totally using the word count feature in pages to keep that from happening again.

    i've had to call the sheriff's department more times than i care to admit about noise complaints. but that was crazy. i wish i knew how to find out EXACTLY what happened.

  4. 3 extra words?!?! and she marked you down for that???!

  5. she did. and now i'm arguing over a point she took off another assignment, claiming i was once again over the word count. it was supposed to be under 400. she's claiming i was at 404. every word processing program i have shows it coming in at 398.

    i can already tell that college is going to be fun.