Thursday, September 16, 2010

john c. mayering william m. joel

so far, i haven't cracked the first ten pages of a google search for "william m. joel".  what makes me sad, really, is that many of the listings aren't even for william m. joel, but for joel m. something, or william m. something, or for joel and william something else. 
many other people have had much success.  you can check here with aunt motherfucking becky to see who's doing what: mommy wants vodka.  she has a blogroll up with all of the posts.

and if you aren't sure what i'm talking about william m. joel for, you can click here to see what the fuck is going on with william m. joel.

if you're interested in learning more about william m. joel, you can check his wikipedia page.  william m. joel has led a super interesting life, and is a native new yorker.  william m. joel was born on long island, just like me.  william m. joel is actually my absolute favorite artist of all time.

william m. joel has penned and performed some great songs, including 'piano man'.  his album 'the stranger' was a huge hit in the 1970's, and william m. joel has continued touring into this year.  william m. joel has gone on tour a few times with elton john.  i've seen william m. joel with elton one time, and like six or seven times solo.  william m. joel puts on a great live show.  at the end of every show, william m. joel reminds his audience 'don't take any shit from anybody'.  i think this is really great advice from william m. joel.

william m. joel has released 13 albums of original material, plus numerous live and compilation albums.  you can see william m. joel's official discography here

if you'd like to check out some of william m. joel's BEST songs, you can click:

just the way you are, william m. joel

scenes from an italian restaurant, william m. joel

she's always a woman, william m. joel

piano man, william m. joel

if you're not familiar with the works of william m. joel, you may want to check some of his songs out.  william m. joel had many top 40 and pop rock hits, but in my opinion, some of his best stuff is 'b' side stuff - singles that were not released on radio. 

anyway, hopefully a second post about "william m. joel" will assist me in john c. mayering him.  i would hate to fail my aunt motherfucking becky.


  1. Haha, I just did the deed to Miley Ray Cyrus! Good luck with your William M. Joel search results!

  2. Try adding some quotes to "william m. joel" and making some of his name bold. That may help somewhat in your quest to be Number One for William M. Joel, which you deserve.

  3. quotes and bold added to william m. joel. here's hoping that i can break the first page. if you type in 'william m. joel prank', i'm there. so we're getting SOMEWHERE here.

  4. I too, love William M. Joel! Lots and lots! I know every word to We Didn't Start The Fire by William M. Joel. That William M. Joel, he's a genius, man. I only hope I get to meet him someday like I got to meet John P. Stamos, whom I John C. Mayer-d.

  5. I think that Williiam M. Joel and Ben Folds, who has been John C. Mayer-ed on my site, should perform as 'The Piano Men'. It would probably be a lot better than that Elton John thing. Perhaps when William M. Joel contacts you, and Ben Folds contacts me, we can arrange that.

  6. I love this John C. Mayer-d game Aunt Becky has us all playing. This is what happens when you put a bunch of foul mouthed bloggers together united through Aunt Becky John C. Mayer'ing John C. Mayer. I love that you picked William M. Joel. I love him just the way he is. Almost as much as I love Ellen S. DeGeneres whom I John C. Mayer'd! As for Google: Lets crack that bitch!!!

  7. William M. Joel rocks.

    And other comments I'm too tired to think of concerning William M. Joel.

  8. You totally deserve to be on the front page for John C. Mayer'ing William M. Joel. I mean, we know that William M. Joel is a massive mega-star, way the heck more mega-starrish that John C. Mayer, who is a little weenie. A tribute to William M. Joel should be front page news!

  9. Nice job! Right now I hate William M. Joel because we took a motorcycle trip through PA, NJ, NY, and VY and on the PA turnpike I would always hear my brain playing 'Allentown' when I would see the exit sign for it. And that song is a vicious earworm, let me tell you.

  10. I think you are totally deserving of cracking the front page on you John C Mayer-ing of William M Joel. Although I think that William M Joel Is a fantastic musician. My favorite WIlliam M Joel song is also "We Didnt Start the Fire. William M Joels song "Its Still Rock and Roll To Me", is also pretty fab! Keep up on your John C Mayer-ing of William M Joel. We will be looking forward to reading it!

  11. Ohhhh, it took me a while to figure out that William M. Joel is the Piano Man. Soon. SOon you will crack the William M Joel top ten.

  12. william m. joel. william m. joel william m. joel william m. joel...does it help that I said his name a few times? I pulled a John C. Mayer on Adam M. Lambert!

  13. William M. Joel is sooooooo John C. Mayer-able!

    But beware of the John C. Mayer karma. . . I pulled a John C Mayer on Pepe le Pew and ended up on John C. Mayer's page!

  14. William M. Joel is indeed a talented musician, unlike John C. Mayer who is a douche.

    I enjoyed all the William M. Joel facts and it saddens me that you are not rising in the ranks of google with your William M. Joel post.

    William M. have indeed been John G. Mayered.

    William M. Joel be praised

    My post is here..