Saturday, October 23, 2010

things that really crumble my cinnamon coffee cake.

i made a delicious (boxed) cinnamon coffee cake yesterday. DELICIOUS.  and i was enjoying it's orgasmic cinnamony sweetness when i noticed a facebook friend had posted a link to a youtube video about glenn beck's 8/28 'restoring honor' event.

don't worry, i'm not getting all glenn-beck-hatey on you today.  this is not a political cake-crumbling.

it's a religious one.

which is SO much better, i know.

ANYWAY.  the airspace over much of d.c. is restricted, including over the washington monument and mall area.  where the 'restoring honor' event was taking place.  however, a flock of geese flew over the mall during the event, and many people are taking this as a sign that god himself is 'pleased with our efforts to maintain truth and freedom for america.'

huh.  feel free to click or not click.  there are tons of different videos of this on youtube, but this is the one i saw.

many of the videos of the goose 'flyover' mention that it's the hand of god.  it's not a coincidence.  that god knows that the majority of this country is christian and trying to bring the country as a whole back to god.  etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.  insert whatever far right, superchristian bollocks you prefer.

please consider my numbered list as to why these geese are NOT demonstrating anything about a christian god, nor his/her approval/disapproval for glenn beck, christianity, washington d.c., republicans, democrats, etc.

1.  the area between the lincoln memorial and the washington monument is a long, straight, fairly open area.  so the winds there are probably really fun for birds to fly in.  the topography and buildings could cause air thermals and shit like that.  and seriously, even if it didn't, that is an epic flight path for any bird to take.

2.  these are CANADIAN geese.  even if a christian god was all like, 'dude, glenn beck is ON POINT and totally right, AMERICA FUCK YEAH!!' would he, in all his infinite wisdom and awesomeness, send some kind of AMERICAN bird to fly over?  preferably a bald eagle?  or at the very least, a flock of seagulls or pigeons?  some bird that is not specifically NAMED after a country that is not america?  

3.  also, geese like water.  there is a HUGE reflecting pool there.  maybe there were on their way migrating somewhere (not unheard of, that migration thing) and remembered there was a sweet ass spot to stop for a rest and a drink.  and changed their minds when they saw the people.  probably not, but i love canadian geese and like to think that they think like me.  HOWEVER.  geese fly in formation like that while migrating.  and canadian geese migrate north to south, stopping in the summer where it's cooler and stopping in the winter where it is warmer.  they do not have specific migratory paths or places they stop - it's different for each group of geese.  i think it's pretty obvious that these geese were on their way somewhere fun.

4.  if a christian god sends flocks of geese over places where things are going on that he approves of... like, if he specifically sent those geese to fly over the rally to say 'CHRISTIAN GOD APPROVED', then he TOTALLY loved my pagan handfasting/wedding.

that's right.  you might know i'm a pagan (and if you didn't, now you do) or witch or neo-pagan or whatever.  when i married awesome husband just over six years ago (our anniversary was like two weeks ago) we had an outdoor ceremony by a lake at sunset, because we're pagans.  we like shit like that.  we had a handfasting, which is basically a pagan wedding and our hands were tied together and i think it was really awesome and moving and even our 'enthusiastic' christian guests (read: born again) thought it was a touching ceremony (and didn't even question the 'god and goddess' thing).  

so, here we are, all pagan and shit, being handfasted and not believing in a christian god.  when a few geese fly over our wedding ceremony, honking the whole way, and land on the other side of the lake.  


i'd like to see the religious glenn-beckers stick that in their pipes and smoke it (legally, of course).

in sort of related news, i also prayed to christian god in church about my religious future days before i came to paganism.  i was raised christian, and truly believe it's all the same shit with different names.  i went to church and knelt and prayed with all my heart because what the church was telling me just wasn't making sense and didn't feel right.  i had studied some other religions, mainly paganism and wicca, and asked christian god to show me what path i was supposed to be on, what path would sit well with me and give me comfort and allow me to try and experience life and love the way i was supposed to.  mere days later, someone handed me the book 'living wicca' by scott cunningham and before i even opened the book, it just FELT like a sign.  if you've never been aware of having a 'prayer' answered, it's a hard feeling to describe.  but i felt at that moment like christian god was telling me, 'dude, you're right - it's all the same.  this is the path that will resonate with you.'

and christian god, in his infinite wisdom and awesomeness, was right.

bet you didn't see that one coming, did you?  i have no problems with christianity - it's just not for me.  the problem i have with some christians is that they are not christians - they do not live as christ would have.  they are mean and hateful and judgemental, and what is worse is that they use their 'christian' values as a way to continue being mean and hateful and judgmental.


anyway, i have to go finish up my paper on the origins on body piercing.  deadlines and all that.  mom's going to new york for a job interview and she leaves tomorrow.  so tonight i'll be helping her pack and making sure that everything's good to go and quite possibly having a few drinks.

and eating more cinnamon coffee cake.


  1. I love cake and cinnamon and coffee! so that must have been one good cake :)

    Marsy ~ Giddy Fingers

  2. Did any of those geese leave their "marks" on Glen Beck? Now THAT I would consider a sign from God.


  3. LOL Dude. I agree with your views of the Christians and stuff and I wish I could have seen the geese fly over your wedding and the ceremony, it sounds so sweet!

  4. we have the audio of it on our wedding video. our reverend stopped and acknowledged it. it was really neat :D

  5. I don't mean to overshare, but I wanted to tell you about when I chose paganism as my path. I had a friend back in college that was a wiccan and she had given me the same book you meantioned about, but I never opened it. I put it on my bookshelf and forgot about it. So about 3 or so years later, I was moving and gabe the book to charity. Then, a year later, I sat in meditation asking the universe what path was the right one for me, and happened to look over at my bookshelf and that book was right back on there, even though I knew I gave it away. Thought you would I would share! :) Great blog

  6. thanks for sharing amber :D it's interesting to hear how many people find a religion - most of us are raised in a religion and basically stick to it for our life. i like hearing how others come to a new religion.

  7. Canadian Geese are bastards. Mean, vicious crap machines. I'd be more apt to regard a flock of geese as a sign of the apocalypse than 'god's' loving acceptance.

    But that's just cause I hate geese.

    Your wedding sounds like it was beautiful.

  8. i am probably the only person on the planet who loves canadian geese. they are a bit vicious though. at least they don't have teeth.

  9. i am more than tolerant of religion. i'm actually really inspired by people who find peace in their spirituality. but what i can't tolerate is a bunch of right-wing, conservative christians who think they can get away with being closed minded jerks all week because they go to church on sunday. like, HELLO! you dudes are totally missing the effing point! grrrr. and i can't talk about glen beck without getting a headache, so i'm just going to walk away now. :D
    ps canada geese will totally try and murder you in your sleep. be careful befriending them!!:P

  10. I now can't get the image of the lead singer of Flock of Seagulls hair out of my head.

    Oh, and I too own that book. I don't really follow any religious path at the moment, but I completely respect and admire the Pagan religion.