Thursday, October 28, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things

i keep having ideas for great blog posts.  but they're like serious.  first it was that body modification post.  now i'm thinking about that bitch from marie clare that wrote about being disgusted by 'fatties'.  because, hi, i'm a fatty, and i don't know ANYONE who is disgusted looking at me.  i have a wonderful and super sexy awesome husband who not only isn't disgusted by me, but bangs me regularly.  and has been doing so for over 13 years now.  my mom doesn't vomit in her mouth every time she looks at me.  i have lots of family and friends who can look at me without being disgusted.  i mean, i'm physically pretty healthy - at least, none of my physical issues stem directly from my weight.

i'm batshit crazy, but that doesn't have anything to do with my weight, either.

but this week has been full of ups and downs... but the downs haven't been too down.  so i'm feeling excited and happy and full of the awesome today.  mom had a great job interview in new york, and we're doing the positive thinking thing and acting like she already has the job (i bet she does, she rocks).  awesome husband and i had a couple of days to ourselves, which is nice sometimes.  i'm nearing the end of my first round of classes - at university of phoenix in the program i'm in, each class is nine weeks long, and the two i'm taking now end next week.  and.  andandand


i got a new job!  i know, who even knew i wanted to go back to work?  well, i'm sick of not having any money and being super in debt.  I NEED A NEW IMAC and they is pricey.  also, once mom goes to new york, she may get an apartment with my brother for a while, and that will cost money.  which means she will no longer be contributing to this household.

anyway, it is funny how things happen.  i've been looking at arise's webpage for a while now (arise is the company i work with - they subcontract me to other companies to provide customer support/sales/service from home, aka homeshoring) thinking about getting back to work.  most of the contracts only require 15-20 hours a week - i could do that, and make an extra $150+ a week.  so i've had that in my mind for a couple of weeks.  a friend that i have from the days of working that selling-things-and-chatting job was chatting with me and mentioned someone we used to work with.  and it got me thinking, well, why can't i email her and say 'hello' and pick her brain, see if she knows of anything coming up that i might be a good fit for?

so i did just that.  and she recommended that i email someone who used to be over us, so to speak.  so i did just that.  and she emailed me back right away with a suggestion.  this was at 1pm yesterday.

at 12:10pm today, i got a call with an awesome job offer with a new client that arise has taken on.  and instead of me chatting with customers and selling shit, i will be helping other contractors do that!  so, when they are on a call with a customer who needs help, if they (the contractor) have a question, they ask me - IN A CHAT ROOM!  i don't even need to reconnect my phone line!

i told my father, and he had to point out that god put it in my friend's ear to mention the person we used to work with.  i'm sure that friend is reading this now, so thanks :D  i may not believe in the same god as everyone else, or a christian god at all, but i DO NOT believe in coincidences.  thanks, dollface :D

AND - yes, there's even more, another AND!! - i had my crazy doctors/drug dealer appointment yesterday.  he thinks i may be entering a remission phase for my craziness!  my medications make me a little tired, but are working well.  i'm not suicidal.  i don't have obsessive thoughts.  i don't get as anxious or have the panic attacks now that i have the tarzipan.  it's not like the world is a jolly, happy place and all my problems disappeared - but now i feel like i can handle them.

so, in celebration of this bucket of awesomeness, i am going to share a list of things i fucking like.  in no particular order.

  • ska music.  i found a new station on itunes radio called 'last rockers radio' and i'm in love with it.
  • cats.  they are furry and purry and cute and loveable and awesome and warm.  even if mine have herpes/kidney failure/no sense of smell/no hearing.
  • cold fronts.  it will ONLY be 80 degrees this weekend for samhain/halloween.  i dislike florida.
  • the venture bros.  we purchased the new season 4.1 on tuesday when it was released.  it's super great.  i FUCKING LOVE the venture bros.  awesome husband wants a venture bros. tattoo. i'm not so sure.  of course, my next tattoo is going to be the mushroom and invincible star from super mario bros.  woah - we both want tattoos of things with 'bros.' in them.  epic.
  • sprinkles.  i got sugar cones for ice cream, and have been dumping sprinkles on my ice cream cones.  i have chocolate and rainbow sprinkles.  i love sprinkles.  they are delicious.
  • tarzipan.  it's delicious, stops my anxiety/panic attacks, and makes me able to function outside of my home.  awesome.
  • debate.  discussion.  some might call it 'arguing'.  but they can go fuck themselves.
  • baseball.  specifically the new york mets.  please, no heckling.  just deal with it.
  • new york.  i completely, totally miss new york and cannot wait to move back there. 
there you have it.  a completely useless list of crap that no one else really cares about.  but that's fine, because i care about it.  now i have to go figure out how to convince awesome husband to go out for dinner on a weeknight to celebrate my new job.


  1. Love sprinkles, love NYC, love you, and love your blog.

    Yay new jobbie! :)

  2. Just had to share my captcha was "whoozoo"! If that's not awesome I don't know what is.

  3. we need a job designing captchas. they'd be hysterical.

  4. That is so cool! I'm happy for you! Yay new jobs and things going well in our lives!

  5. Love reading a happy post first thing in the morning. Whoo Hoo girl, I love you list of random things you love.
    Congrats on the job and all the good stuff happening to you.
    Sprinkles are the best.

  6. Sounds pretty wicked awesome! I have a mild mental breakdown for a few days and look at all the shizz I miss!

    I am super excited for you! Lots of positive vibes your way, and it is about time. And that Marie Claire article is bullshit. What a piss off.

    Favourite part of your post?
    "i have a wonderful and super sexy awesome husband who not only isn't disgusted by me, but bangs me regularly. and has been doing so for over 13 years now."


  7. @adorkable - thanks!

    @mynx - SPRINKLES FTW! i love sprinkles. i had rainbow ones last night.

    @stephc - boo to your mild mental breakdown. i'm sending posi vibes you way girl! and thanks :D

  8. See honey! Everything is coming up roses! You're entering what looks to be like a very positive and prosperous season. Enjoy every minute of it!

    I have to go with Stephanie C's favorite part too. I enjoy a similar situation so I totally get why that's one of your favorite things.