Tuesday, October 26, 2010

new award!

that's right, i got me a shiny new award!  it's called the gold framed dog blog award and i received it from semi true torystellar at can u relate?.  remember, you can see all my (two) awards on the RESPEK KNUCKLES! page.

now, apparently i'm supposed to pass this on to five other bloggers.  and i will do so now.

i would like to bestow this honor upon my aunt motherfucking becky at mommy wants vodka.  because, OBVIOUSLY.  she completely and totally deserves it.

i also would love to give it to my sextastic blogcrush the barreness at hello, sailor!.  she is delicious and wonderful and lovely.

annah over at red means go! is always, always, always on the list for any blog award because she makes me laugh and think and cry laughing and wish i was just a bit latina most days.

tiffany writes on the verge, and honestly writes much less about diarrhea than she claims.  but is still hysterically funny.

and finally, nicki at the loaded handbag has this great mix of photos, life, humor, sarcasm, thought-provocation, and northeasterner that makes me happy in the pants. 

OMG ALL OF YOU HAVE WON THIS AMAZING BLOG AWARD!  i'll probably pester the hell out of all of you to come pick it the fuck up.

please know you deserve this adorable goggie-themed golden award.

pass it the fuck on to five other awesome blogs, please. 

ALSO.  thanks to a suggestion from reader and fellow blogger semi true torystellar, i will grow too big for my britches and give out my OWN blog award in the near future.  expect ridiculous rules and the threat of blog stalking and tormenting if you are awarded it.  it will be epic. 


ALSO ALSO.  i promish to have a new, useful, meaningful blog up and running soon.  possibly TODAY.  how productive!



    Ahem. That's the new thank you.

  2. Hey! I came over here from Annah's. I like your potty mouth. It makes me giggle.

    Haha, no for real. Awesome blog.

  3. Steph! What tha faaaaah? You have to warn a girl you're going to say such nice things about her beforehand. Sheesh! :) *muah* KISSES.

    There, I bees following yous now ;)

  4. Also? My captcha word was "picalip". Doesn't it sound like pick a lip? Maybe I'm just thinking about lips too much. Don't judge me.

  5. um, yes it does sound like pick a lip. i'm obsessed with those silly captchas. i have a couple of very interesting screenshots from them.

    although, you may have lips on the brain :D


  6. Hi there,
    I recognise that dog. Holy shit, it's mine! Really pleased to see this, what will be a highly coveted award, has landed on your awesome blog.
    Well done and happy writing.

  7. thanks gary :D that's a very handsome dog!

  8. Damn damn and damn again - late the party as ever...

    Oh Steph, I particularly love how you love me, and I always love being loved.

    Loving you back with smooches and a cheeky ass smack,

    - B x

  9. barreness, the visual is intoxicating, as always. i saw a nigella being interviewed somewhere, and i can't remember where or what the interview was about. obviously.