Wednesday, October 13, 2010

tarzipan ftw

omg i swear i'm working on a super new blog post about my vacation last week.  HOWEVER.  i took lots of tarzipan today and spent about two-thirds of the day in bed.  i'm also trying to figure out how to watermark photos with picasa to put on mah blog but all copyrighted and shit.  because DON'T STEAL MY STUFF ASSHATS.

in cute news, samantha cuddled with me this morning while i was still in bed for like two hours.  it was very warm and loving and adorable.  since then, she has hissed at awesome husband and been mostly normal.

in school news, i created my reference list today.  i am full of the win because i figured out how to cite an aerosmith video as a source.  thank you.  hold your applause.

in batshit crazy news, i had a horrifying day for some reason.  hence the 'lots of tarzipan'.  and i watching a bunch of venture brothers today, too.  because, obviously.

in television news, we watched ghost hunters.  and are now watching south park.  it is the episode where they fucking RIP jersey shore.  it's.... oh my gah.  it's amazing.  snookie just raped cartman. 

amazing.  just..... amazing.

in piercing news, i pulled my nosering out today.  the wrong way.  noserings twist around on the inside of your nose to keep it in, called a nose screw.  now, i vigorously dried my face this morning with a terry towel.  one of the terry loops got caught around the little nose screw thing.  and pulled the nose ring THROUGH MY NOSE to the INSIDE.  so, the little half-dome head that sits on my nose that is larger than the actual piercing hole was pulled through the piercing. 

and got stuck.  so the 1.6mm half dome was stuck inside the fistula, the piercing hole, which is only 1mm large.  and it hurt.

and it was fucking stuck.  seriously.  i couldn't push it back through my nose, so i was like, well, let's lube it up and try to yank it all the way through to the inside of my nose.

so i dumped a bunch of olive oil in and on my nose and rubbed it in a bit, then got another straight nose ring to try and help push it through from the outside. 

nothing doing.  it was full of SUCKTITUDE.

finally, i did some deep, relaxing breathing and fucking yanked that bitch out.  OOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWIE.

and now my nose hurts.  quite a bit.  i put a glass ring in because it has much less of a bend, so less pressure trying to get it in there.  ouchouchouch though.

awesome husband is taking me and my tarzipan to bed.  maybe we'll watch some venture brothers.  maybe that tarzipan episode.  hmmm..

until then, keep your unit on you. 


  1. Don't you just love The Venture Bros? I currently sound like Dr. Girlfriend/Mrs. The Monarch thanks to my awesome cold. Haha.

    That sucks about your nose ring. I always wanted to get some sort of facial piercing, but never had the guts...also, my mom would have disowned me if I ever got that done. Hope you have a good night!

    "And what's a king without a queen?"
    "That's cake."
    "But what's inside the cake?"
    "More like 'tarzipan.'"

  2. I fucking hate my ex-nose ring.

    I like the edginess of it (and my father's disapproval), but after 5 years, that bitch started peeling skin away and I had a massive reaction to it.

    Also? I used cheap-ass nose pins that PERMANENTLY discoloured my nose. I have a bluish/purple mark where it used to be, and nothing nothing nothing will take it away.

    So... yeah. I want a normal little cute, dainty, diamond-y one back (work would freak), but it aint gonna happen.

    My body hates me in general.

    p.s. don't OD on the tarzipan, girlie! ;-)

  3. i love facial piercings. i currently have both nostrils pierced and snakebites (one on each side of my lower lip). i think almost everyone looks good with a nosering.

    @stephaniec - i only use surgical grade stainless steel, titanium, or glass in most of my piercings. i recently got my first pair of stone ear plugs and silicone eyelets. i haven't put them in yet, because my lobe stretch is still only about three weeks old, so i'm not putting anything but stainless steel in them.

    ps - i ended up take an entire tarzipan, but in two doses. i still don't think i should take a whole one at once :P