Monday, January 9, 2012

the final countdown

we're going on vacation.  i'm very excited to get back to disney.  it's been over a year since awesome husband and i have been to disney and the last time was to DEFINITELY NOT scatter any of my mother's ashes on pirates of the caribbean.  we would never do that.

awesome husband, my brother, and sisterfromanothermister will be going to disney together.  we're really excited to go back because it's been so long - awesome husband and i are used to going, like, two or three times a month.  we also got the dining plan so we'll be eating like kings and queens! lol

so the body piercing thing is going really well.  i've made a few mistakes and have learned from them, which is great.  not HUGE mistakes, but you know.  fixable mistakes.  fixable thanks to the fact that my mentor has been piercing for 29 years and is AMAZING.  i've pierced quite a few ears, belly buttons, and lips.  and a handful of nostrils, tongues, and eyebrows.  i'm still waiting on a septum, monroe, medusa, and nipple - then i'll have done every piercing above the belt :D

and on the adult acne front, things are getting better.  bet some of you didn't know that in addition to the batshit crazy, i also suffer from adult acne, did you? 

now you do.

anyway, nothing ever works at all.  so i decided to start getting facials and see if that helps.  the spa i found was well-reviewed for acne facials so i headed over.  i went three weeks in a row at $80 a pop (ouch) and purchased $140 worth of the product they recommended (also ouch).  and today i paid $130 for a non-acid peel (ouchouchouchouch).  HOWEVER my skin hasn't looked this clear in years!  i'm going through some purging right now so i have a few pimples that come up and go away quickly, and i'm getting some drying.  once my skin balances, it should look pretty good.  it's already really smooth, my aesthetician says that the ultrasound thingy does that.  i mean, smoothy smooth smooth.  hopefully once my skin balances we can work on the acne scarring and see if that can be improved.  and now i only have to go every 3-4 weeks for a facial.  and i was spending about $120 a month on shit that wasn't working.  really fucking frustrating.  so i'm pleased today.

awesome husband got an awesome new tattoo.  i wanted to show it to you all.

yes, he's hardcore. he also likes hardcore music.  so, you know.  it means many things.  although he did point out that his right hand will always say 'hard' now.


  1. Have a great time at Disney!! I love that place. I have been there about 3 times and Every time was more exciting than the first. So much to see and do!!! Someday I hope to go back. Take lots of pics and make sure you share them with us all.

    Good luck on the piercings....OUCH! It took 3 people to hold me down to get my ears done let alone any other body parts! But hey, I am a wimp!
    Enjoy your blog boss!!
    Have a great day!

  2. Glad things are going well, and that you have a vacation to look forward to...

    happy days.

  3. The dining plan is the ABSOLUTE BEST way to go. Share your dining reservations pleeeeeeeease!