Wednesday, June 16, 2010

look who's blogging, too!

i've never blogged before. i get why people do it, and i even have read a few 'weblogs' in my time. i've never felt the need to share even more of my life than i normallly do. but now that i've entered my 30's, i find that there are some things that i want to share.

if you're reading this blog, i'm sure you already know me. you might know that i'm a crazy cat-mom with the best husband ever, living in florida. you may know that i'm certifiable, that i love to cook but love to eat even more, and that i'm fiercely loyal to my true friends.

but you might not know any more than that. you might wonder why i hate people so much, why i thank goddess every time it's friday, or why i don't have any photos that include any part of my body below my chest. i hope to sort a lot of that out, and have some fun along the way. now, i won't be able to compete with many blogs out there - i'm not as funny or sassy, or maybe my life is just too boring. but i think i'm fucking hysterical - in more ways than one - and hope to bring you along on the ride.

plan on reading blogs on the following awesometastic subjects:

*being a big girl (since we don't use the word 'fat' around here anymore)
*having special needs cats
*glimpses into mental illness, eg: being batshit crazy
*cooking and creating new recipes
*sewing ridiculous shit
*life, the universe, and everything
*books, music, movies, and more

i bet it rocks. i bet this blog will rock your face. look forward to more randomnosity and ramblings from yours truly, coming soon.

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  1. I love it and I'm glad you're doing it. I look forward to seeing much more from you.