Thursday, August 16, 2012

sorry for the YOLO

but shit has been cray.  (i generally don't approve of the use of the word 'cray', but you know.  YOLO and all.)

so, let's see.... last update was after my graduation party, right?  so you all saw how i was graduated as fuck and had a party with hella awesome cuppity cakes?  perfect.

after that i continued on my job hunt.  applying for customer service positions, data entry, and some basic officey stuff with non-profits.  switchboard for red cross.  appointment setter/intake for planned parenthood.  followup case worker for families struggling with HIV/AIDS.  shit that is in the human services field but not full blown social work. 

and just kept continuing on my job hunt.  and continuing.  didn't get a job at the place i used to work and they won't tell me why (which is really fucking annoying).  got two call backs for a place looking for 'marketing, customer service, and management' which turned out to be the asshats in, like, home depot who ask if you need your damn chimney swept (and dumb shit like that).  fucking pyramid scheme.

and then i continued to look for a job.  i agonized over telling my current job at the tattoo salon that i'd be leaving (or cutting down seriously).  at the same time, i agonized over my bank account because i was making nowhere near enough money to justify spending 39 hours a week in the shop.

awesome husband (@_antgas, remember.  you can follow him on the twitter and the instagram) had a delicate surgery planned for about a week and a half ago.  as i realized his income would disappear for two weeks and saw that i made a whopping $590 for the ENTIRE MONTH OF JULY, i ate a few tarzipan and took a nap.

as much as i love piercing, i agonized over the decision to leave or cut back my hours.  there are some problems in the shop, but the main problem turned into me making $3.70 an hour while working full time.  yes, i wanted a job with benefits to replace the benefits @_antgas may be losing when he goes back to school.  yes, i wanted a job with less nights and weekends so i could spend time with my family.  but in reality, as the surgery loomed and my savings dwindled, i realized what i NEEDED was a job with some money.

and because i have ridiculously awesome friends, someone offered me a temporary job helping out with the business they owned to make some money.  part-time schedule, i'd still be able to spend 3 days a week piercing, and i could, you know.  make money.

things started to come together.  and i had a call back for a second interview for a job i wanted.  i put everything on hold for a couple of days and hoped.  oh, and spent some time shuttling my ailing @_antgas around after his delicate surgery.

i purchased a blazer to wear for my second interview (seriously, i now love blazers.  why haven't i owned any before?  oh, wait, i had a horrid pink plaid one with matching SHORTS in the early '90s.  now i remember.) and showed up ten minutes early.  i had another excellent interview and went home hoping to hear from them - either way - by the end of the week.

well, that same evening, i received an email from one of the people i'd interviewed with.  she just wanted to let me know that she had forwarded a letter offering me employment to the top hiring manager and that i should expect to receive the official copy the next morning.

so as of yesterday, i have a job.  and a pretty kick ass sounding job at that.  it's all the basic data entry/customer service/reception shit that i've done (and loved doing) in the past, but for quite a bit more money than i've been paid for it in the past.  and benefits kick in almost immediately.  and i'll get paid vacation.  i mean, it's excellent.

suddenly, the dwindling savings account doesn't seem so scary because i know i'll be able to replenish it.

but i had to tell the tattoo parlor that i'll be cutting back.  i'm going to try to keep going in on sundays to piercer because i do like piercing.  of course, school starts in a few weeks and who knows what my schedule will be then.  the college i'm going to has a lot of saturday classes.  since i can't go to school during the day and i don't want to be in class until 11pm every night during the fucking week, i may see myself learning all day saturday.

which would leave sunday as my only day off.  and i treasure my time off.  after my mother died, i realized that spending time with my family is, like, really important.  and i have already missed too many family dinners and lunches and birthdays and shit like that.  i don't want to miss any more.

so by this time next week, i'll have started my new job.  i'll be back into the 9-5 routine (or 8:15-5 routine with a 45 minute lunch break).  and i'll be making bank, yo.


but, you know.  YOLO and all.

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    Congrats, that is sooooo fantastic!

    Hope the hubs is mending well.

    I am soooo happy for you because the job market is shit. YAY! And yes, family time is uber important. You know you'll never look back on life and say "I wished I'd worked more"...

    Can't wait to hear more about it.
    You know, in between my nightmare that I call moving. Tarzipan ain't even TOUCHING this shit.