Saturday, September 8, 2012

it's basically a computer... or an iphone.

posting from my new ipad. i should first apologize for, you know. never posting.

but i got this new job. and i really like it so far but i'm still busy. i actually have time to spend with awesome husband @_antgas and to cook and shit. and go to the gym.

then today was my first day of grown up school. i went to my first class at 8:30 am. and my second class at 1 pm. and each class is 3:45 long but only meets every other week.

so i still had to wake up early and shit. and i'm sleepy times now. so excuse me while i shove my face full of gyro and nap the evening away.

loves you.

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  1. You have an iPad? I hate you soooooooo good.