Monday, January 14, 2013

well then.... i'm about to ruin your night. ***UPDATED***

i was going to make numerous jokes about my firey uterus.  and talk about the burned bits of uterus that are falling out of my vagina (not really) (okay, maybe).  and complain about how fucking tired i am because of the anesthesia (shouldn't that wear off A LOT faster??) or maybe my body gets really sleepy when it's healing?  i don't know.

i was also going to tell you about how one of our local stray cats, yardcat, was killed on saturday morning.

well, i'll still tell you about that...

sisterfromanothermister left the house for work and was greeted by poor yardcat and his guts.  my brother got gloves and a shovel and we went to take care of business.  i've never cleaned a cat off the road before, but then i've never seen a cat on the road that i knew.  i was in my pajamas and originally went along for moral support, but my brother couldn't do it.  i put the gloves on and picked up his head to check the markings - we're about 99% sure it was yardcat.

we've known yardcat for almost two years.  his entrails were hanging from his stomach and his face fur was coming off of his skull.  i could see his little jaw and eye holes.  i'm sorry if that is disturbing or disgusting, but please - be fucking careful.  yardcat may not have been someone's pet, but he was a living, breathing, loving creature and deserved way better than he had.

rip yardcat

so this makes me even more nervous about babycatz missing dinner tonight.  he's a teensy stray that we feed by our front door two times a day - breakfast and dinner.  we're working on trapping him and having him fixed, getting his shots, and releasing him back to our yard.  we fed him this morning, but we called him twice for dinner tonight and he's a no show.  i'm terrified that something has happened to him.

tiny, handsome babycatz. talking to me as usual.

but really, the thing that inspired me to write this post was to share a story written by a fellow blogger.  meredith over at life's crazy joke wrote a very serious and very frightening blog post.  it took her a lot of courage to write it and it should serve as a reminder for women everywhere about being aware of your surroundings, traveling in groups, and letting someone know where you are at all times.  women will always be considered 'the weaker sex' by some, and some men will always want to overpower women for one reason or another.  it's about empowering ourselves as women to take - and keep - the upper hand.

so tonight, everyone hug your cats and other pets, and hug the women in your life.


babycatz showed up for breakfast this morning like nothing was wrong.  dick.  nearly gave me a heart attack.  we're hoping to trap him and fix him soon.  and maybe see if he's friendly enough to become a housecat and be adopted.


  1. I love you. And I will hug you when I see you. You're so wonderful and special.

  2. Hope Babycatz comes back and is OK. It may have been best if you'd had a whole hysterectomy but I pray your procedure worked for you. You have far surpassed me. My person best was bleeding for 40 days and 40 nights. Wish I had my hysterectomy when I was 25! Keep us posted. Peace.

  3. So glad Babycatz is okay, and I'm so sorry you had to deal with the death of Yardcat. Like there's really not enough going on in your life right now, y'know? Fuck.