Sunday, January 27, 2013

two weeks post procedure...

..and i guess i'm doing well. things are leaking that i wish would stop leaking, but you know. i have a follow up this week so we'll see.

babycatz appears to be a girl. and is in heat. which explains all the toms wandering around our house yowling. and all the stinky cat spray outside.

it's fucking cold in new york right now. awesome husband @_antgas keeps bitching. i'm like, IRS winter in new york, what the fuck did you expect? duh. he's snoring right now typical.

i'm waking up early tomorrow to do yoga before work. crazy i know but i have to start doing something besides just watching what i eat. we're actually going to start juicing soon. we watched 'fat, sick, and nearly dead' on netflix and, omg. we also watched 'how to survive a plague', about the AIDS crisis - also an amazing documentary. we're all about documentaries in netflix and hulu plus.

so, that's about it. i'm in bed on my ipad waiting for the stupid 'cleveland show' to end so
i can watch 'family guy'. what else is new?

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  1. I wish you a leak-free next couple of weeks, because leaking sounds goddamn terrible. Glad the recovery is going okay.