Thursday, February 7, 2013

waiting for nemo.

it appears we name winter storms now.  the one that's currently bearing down on the northeast is named nemo.  we're under a blizzard warning from 6am tomorrow until 1pm saturday.  that's a long time.  like more than a day.  and the most recent models are calling for like 18 fucking inches.  that's ridiculous.

last friday a friend helped me with babycatz and trapped her.  we caught her and another cat - white cat with a bad leg - and my friend took them to a town shelter to be fixed and vaccinated.  turned out that babycatz had this raging infection in her uterus that has a really nasty name and that she would have died if we hadn't caught her!

so we had to keep her a few days to heal.  my friend took the male and kept him in her shed overnight, then let him go.  she also loaned us a dog crate that we set up for babycatz with a teeny litter box and a blanket.  babycatz didn't hate us the first couple of days when we brought her food and spoke nicely to her.  but by monday, she was just about done with us and did more hissing than anything.  so last night we let her go.  babycatz yowled the whole time being carried through the house in the crate and when she finally was near the door, awesome husband @_antgas poked at her through the crate so she'd notice the outside.  and off she ran.

we called her for bedtime snack and she didn't come.  i was worried she'd never come back, that she didn't trust us anymore.  that made me pretty sad last night.

then this morning, she wasn't waiting for breakfast.  awesome husband @_antgas was leaving and she always came running at the sound of the door.  he was about to walk down the stoop when babycatz appeared!  so she still likes us enough to let us feed her all the time!

and now i'm almost four weeks post op with my uterus.  and things seem to be going well.  i had my followup last week and my gyno said that she went in there with a camera after she burned that shit up and said she "got a nice, even char".  and she was talking about my uterus, not like a steak.  which was a little uncomfortable, but i'm glad to hear we got an even char on my endometrial lining so that my period fucking disappears.  she said it should either be gone or really light, so yay.

then i got a thingy from my school last weekend, and i was all like, wtf is this?  but it turns out i made the dean's list.  which is like grown up honor roll, i guess.  pretty neat.

awesome husband @_antgas and i are juicing now too.  we got a juicer and we juice veggies and fruit at night to supplement our diet.  we watched 'fat, sick, and nearly dead' and it seems like a really good thing to do.  because, you know.  we don't eat enough fruits and vegetables, so it seems like something we should do.  we thought about doing a juice fast, but that might be a bit much.  we'll see.

with winter storm nemo heading our way, i am planning on staying in the house all weekend.  i'm actually looking forward to two days of just hanging out.  i have a bunch of homework to do, so it will be nice to get to work on some of that.  i asked awesome husband @_antgas if he wanted to watch all of the 'star wars' movies, or all of the 'harry potter' movies.  he said we should watch 'the walking dead' on netflix, which we've never watched.  what would you pick?


  1. I'm totally down with Nemo as long as a.) he doesn't shut the power off and b.) he doesn't stick around to party Saturday night. Derrick's on call at the hospital then and we're expecting 2 feet...and we're fresh out of snowshoes, so if the subway isn't running or the roads aren't clear, he'll be screwed...not okay, Nemo, not okay.

  2. Yeah snow! lol. I 100% vote for Walking Dead. You will be hooked and love it.