Wednesday, July 24, 2013


now that awesome husband @_antgas and i are just about settled in to the new apartment, it's time to decorate.  i let awesome husband have free reign on hanging the pictures on the wall.  he did this staggered thingy and it looks pretty damn good.

nice work, awesome husband.

i had this neat photo of a tiger i took years ago at animal kingdom.  i made it black and white and had it put on canvas (thanks, groupon!)  it's pretty cool having a photo i took looking all professional on the wall.  i also found this cute owl photo at home goods (omg that damn store) that has these different patterns and whatnot that makes me happy.  so i got it (before @_antgas told me that hipsters ruined owls).

damn hipsters ruining cute owls

yay tigers!

when i was little, my mom had these framed crate labels.  crate labels are labels that were put on crates (OMG AMAZING ISN'T IT?).  crate labels came into use in the late 1800s and were stuck on crates filled with fruit and vegetables.  sunkist really started it with crate labels for their citrus fruit.  they ended up being pretty elaborate works of art and, for some reason, my mom liked them.  she collected them and framed them and a bunch hung in our dining room when i was a wee lass.  after we were divorced, the crate labels came from place to place with us, until we moved in with my stepfather who didn't like them i guess, because they were never hung up again.

when we moved my mom to florida, she couldn't find her crate labels.  we never new what happened to them.  when she died, we packed her stuff and moved it to lindenhurst.  and just last month, we went through a bunch of the stuff we had packed to move it again.  and we found her crate labels.  only four have frames.  @_antgas and i chose the others that we liked the most and are planning on having those framed.

crate labels

we still have some stuff to put up, but it feels good to be making this place ours.  even though we hung up pictures and whatnot at the other house, it never felt like we decorated it.  it felt like we were squatting there, just trying to make it comfortable.  this feels more like home.


  1. WE JUST DECORATED THIS PAST WEEKEND!! But we've been here since, April. We just finally unpacked the DVDs on Sunday. Do not judge us. Does anyone really watch DVDs any more anyway? No. We all watch Netflix or Hulu. So DVDs are like ancient relics that we finally got around to displaying in our living room.

    Hanging up crap (and ogling YOUR awesome crap) made me realize how much we're lacking by way of decor. The stuff we have could basically decorate one room. We need paintings! Wall hangings! HIPSTER OWLS!!

    Re: hipster owls. I bought the cutest penguin wrapping paper from Target last Christmas. Seriously, adorable. They look all chirpy and Christmasy and happy-like, because they're penguins and this is Christmas, damnit. And then. AND THEN. After six rows of happy adorable illustrated penguins....there is a penguin with hipster glasses and Converse. Fucking Converse. I don't even MIND converse, but goddamnit, get the fuck off my Christmas wrapping. Hipster penguin is in the middle of all these happy adorable penguins and hipster penguin is NOT happy about it. He's scowling because all the other Christmas penguins don't even share his love of vinyl or frequent Williamsburg. They probably think Williamsburg is like colonial Virginia or some shit. HIPSTER PENGUIN HAS NO PLACE IN MY CHRISTMAS WRAPPING PAPER, TARGET, and I resent you for tricking me into buying it. It's like the hipster Trojan horse of wrapping paper. Target is selling hipster Trojan horses. The end.

    1. Also...does that crate label say "hustler?" two words: fucking. awesome.

    2. it does say 'hustler'. it was a brand of bartlett pear at one time.

    3. okay, hipster penguin 'scowling because all the other Christmas penguins don't even share his love of vinyl or frequent Wiliamsburg" is the best thing anyone has ever posted on my blog.