Friday, September 13, 2013

positivity attracts positivity

it does.  i try to be so positive all the time, but it's really hard sometimes.  like, really really hard.  it's hard to always be cheery and happy and positive-outlooky.  it's worth it, though.  it's really worth it.  because when you behave positively, you attract that positivity to you.

you may have read one of my old blog posts where i discuss why i'm not so thrilled with my job.  it's not that it's a bad job, but it's pretty much a bad job.  i've been throwing resumes at everyone who will take one, including multiple locations of the same facility.  and i happened to call one location while the office manager was calling applicants to set up interviews... and she asked me to come in for an interview the next day (today).

i think the interview went really well.  i did a typing test thing, answered a bunch of related questions, and peed in a cup.  thank goddess i actually had to pee a little.

it's just for a medicaid receptionist position.  it's not a counselor position.  i had also applied for an assessment/intake counselor position at a few locations of this facility, which would be a bit more in line with my future job - but i'll take what i can get.  i'm really excited and really hope i get it.  it's so much closer to my house, it's full time during the day (i won't have to work late like i do now), and it's in the type of facility that i would end up working in as an addiction counselor.

so fingers crossed.  hopefully i won't have to drive mentally ill people who pee a little home in my car much longer.

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