Tuesday, February 1, 2011

tequila and critical thinking don't mix

i've probably depressed THE FUCK out of all of you with my last round of posts about mom dying.  and i know it isn't winning me any new followers, that's for sure.  so i've decided to continue 'a story' in it's own like page or whatever.  so there will be a linky thing up at the top of my blog forthcoming.  when i do it.


so i had a shitty day.  so our lifestyle change went out the window tonight and awesome husband and i went to applebee's.  i had margaritas.  they were yummy.  then i came home and attempted to do my critical thinking homework.

first:  i have to take a fucking CLASS on critical thinking??  second:  i'm full on BUZZED?  and this is not conducive to thinking critically.

and then.  AND THEN.  i had to finish drafting an email that i'm not allowed to send yet but all hell may break loose as soon as i do send it.  which kind of bums me out, but whatevs.  i gotta do what i gotta do.

and today I GOTTA wear bright pink lipstick to work.  which is in my office.  located at the back of my house.  done on the same imac i'm blogging on right now... :/

i'm hawt.  deal with it.  

of course, i couldn't take just one.  so, without further ado, presenting STEPH GAS'S LIFE WITH PHOTO BOOTH!

earlier today while 'working'

yesterday while 'working' with <jake

last week 'working' with sammy baby

last week when i discovered how to use photo booth.  yay!

this is my life.   you know you want it.  ALSO: i usually don't post pics of when my hair looks like absolute SHITE but there you go.  the last two are before i did my hair again, so my roots are superlong and hysterical and my hair is all faded.

ALSO ALSO.  we did name that kitten - <jake.  that's right, 'less than' jake.  get it?  GET IT??!?!

ALSO ALSO ALSO.  did i tell you all that samantha was injured jumping off my shoulder?  she caught herself on the sofa and like tore or stretched ligaments/tendons around her knee so her babeh kitteh kneecap does what it wants.  so far the prognosis is 'eh'.  samantha may or may not need surgery :( :( :(

ALSO ALSO ALSO ALSO!!  that's really it.  just wanted to say 'also' again. 

it's the bailey's, i'm sure.  DON'T JUDGE ME.  if i'm going to break my stupid fucking diet lifestyle change, i'm DOING it.


  1. I don't care what you say, those pictures of you are absolutely gorgeous!


  2. someone please remind me not to blog when i've been drinking tequila.

  3. I saw you changed your avatar-picture-thingie and was all "DAY-UM, Girl is HOT!".

    You rock the shit out of that lipstick. I am jealous, could never pull it off.

    Did you end up finishing the assignment? Was it legible the next day?

    Also - thoroughly enjoyed your last comment on my blog. Kitties and rhinos and animals, oh my! GO NOW!


  4. pink lipstick looks HORRID on me. consider yourself lucky. :)

  5. Your pics really are lovely. And you do rock the hot pink lipstick. Don't know that I could pull it off, but I'd sure be willing to try.

    By the way, stop by. I've tagged you in my latest post.

  6. less than jake...that is genius!

  7. @stephanie c, my canadian blog sister: i did finish the assignment and got an 'a' on it as well. so apparently, tequila DOES mix with critical thinking.