Monday, February 14, 2011

valentine's day?

i'm totes the worst blogger ever.  i've been slacking off in the blogging department, but i'm not sure why.  i'ma try to get right back up on this horse and blog more often.  sorry guys.

now.  it's valentine's day.  i find this to be a ridiculous excuse to spend money on ridiculous, unnecessary items for people we 'love'.  i don't need shit to show awesome husband that i love him.  and he doesn't need to do much more than say it a few times a week.  buying me shit doesn't mean you love me.  LETTING me spend your money on shit i want helps.  but that occurs on a regular basis, not just on v-day.

once you've been together for a while (definition varies depending on your particular relationship) i don't think you care so much about gifts on v-day.  i think awesome husband and i exchanged a few gifts during our courting days, but i'm sure some years valentine's day was just an excuse to rent a motel room and have extra sex or call our dealer and have extra drugs.  sorry, but it's true.

the last time i got a valentine's day gift from awesome husband was 2005.  it was our first v-day after our wedding (awww).  he got me a cd.  yes, a cd.

it was a cd i had been thinking about buying for some time, but just hadn't gotten around to buying yet.  he thoughtfully stopped at the mall after work to pick it up for me and presented it to me in it's wrapping of a plastic bag.

it was bloodhound gang's 'hefty fine'.  totes not safe for work.

i don't think there is a point to valentine's day, except to pad the pockets of hallmark and russel stovers and shit like that.

of course, it's a great excuse to eat out an extra time this week.  double entendre intended.  awesome husband and i went for a late lunch at raglan road yesterday and got down (hahaha, see what i'm doing here?) on some bangers and booze - guinness infused pork sausage and sauteed onions served with mashed potatoes and beef stew.  yum.  then we came home, annoyed the cats, had a couple of drinks, watched the grammys, and went to bed.  today, in honor of valentine's day, we're doing nothing special.

that's right.  a regular ol' monday.  because v-day is stupid.  i love awesome husband every day.  i don't need a random day a month before my birthday to remind me of that.


  1. I love this! And awesome husband is a lucky guy.

    That pork dish you talk about sounds sooo good and I? I'm starving!

  2. For a long time Darling Husband and I didn't observe it because we were always broke. So this year because we aren't broke (but apparently that OTHER term that I shared with you earlier) he's taking me to a nice dinner. We don't get to go out that often because we have 3 kids. Next year Valentines Day will probably go back to non-observance oblivion. Like your relationship Darling Husband shows his affection for me in a million little ways during the year. But I'm happy for the celebration this year.

  3. i don't mind valentine's day but the husband and i aren't that into it. i've always told him, i'd prefer a nice card on a random tuesday vs. valentine's day.