Wednesday, February 23, 2011


i'm sure you've all been dying to know where i've been, why i'm not blogging, making snarky comments or pithy observations.

the answer is: i don't know.  i'm a bit overwhelmed recently.  i have had ongoing issues with a relative that revolve around my mother's death that make me cry just about every day.  it's very hard for me to believe i'm letting someone have this kind of control over me, but i feel helpless against it.

i am still trying to pack up mom's stuff and tie up those loose ends.  this is hard, since i hate going into her bedroom because it still smells like her.

i have treated myself by booking a weekend to new york to see my family.  it's revbobdad's birthday, and i had tons of points racked up, so it cost me $5 for a round trip ticket from orlando to jfk.  awesome husband will stay home and wrangle the cats.

and we've decided to take a cruise in march.  not telling you when, since this is a public blog and i don't want you all coming over and partying while we're gone.  but it will be nice to get away from this house and not have to do anything but drink in the sun for a few days.

other than that, just trying to figure out how to handle this relative, pack up this house, and get the fuck out of central florida.  i cannot wait to move back to new york and be surrounded by family and friends who love me and care about me.

not that you guys don't do that.  and not that the few friends i have in florida don't.  but really, none of them compare to my brother.  i know, it sounds sappy and lame.  but he's my bestie and i miss him dearly.

now i have to work in a few minutes, so i'm going to tarzipan up and get to it.  hope to have an actual post up within the next couple of days.  thanks for sticking it out with me.


  1. I don't know why family members have to make things harder during such a loss by fighting over stuff or being difficult. So far we haven't had that problem in our family, as we all seem to pull together at times like those. But I'm sure someone will be a dumbass in the future. Take care of yourself and have fun on your trip!

  2. Fuck that drama. Enjoy your vacations. We'll be here when you get back!

  3. Very sorry for the relative drama. You hear this story so often, the family conflict following the death of a loved one. I hope yours resolves soon. Stand your ground, by the way. She was your Mom afterall. The most sacred relationship of all.

  4. we all have our moments with blogging. i hope you do start feeling better soon and get your head in a better place. drama is so draining.