Tuesday, March 1, 2011

asking you for money

not for me.  but for new zealand.  christchurch was FUCKED UP by the earthquake and one bloggess reader had an ingenious way to try and get some help...

i blame the earthquake - the bloggess

please read there.  do it.  DO IT.

now.  if that story has made you giggle or made you cry a bit, go here.

donate to new zealand red cross

don't think.  just do.  grab a major credit card and go.  the minimum donation is $5.

that's it. $5.  that's all i'm asking.  i know that many of you might not have extra money for things like trips or good vodka or sheeps.  but right now, you have a roof over your head (i'm presuming) and a computer or hand-held device (i know that MUST be true because you're reading this).

so, skip a latte this week.  buy the skyy or absolute this week (or sobieski, my personal fave economy vodka right now).  order in chinese intead of going out for dinner one night.  save that $5 and send it to new zealand.

i gave $20.  it's not a lot, but it's something.  and i'm challenging EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU to go here and fucking give them $5.  if you have it, give $20 like i did.  i have 64 followers, and lots of lurkers.  if you - you reading this right now - give $5, that could potentially add up to hundreds of dollars donated from my readers and blog buddies.

as i posted on jenny's blog - karma is a bitch unless YOU are the one PUTTING THE GOOD OUT THERE.

go put $5 worth of good out there for the kiwis.  and let me know by leaving me a comment with what you gave.  everyone who gives at least $5 will be entered into a drawing to win a limited edition, one of a kind, something awesome!

no, seriously.  i'll raffle off one of my custom made bags or cases from my other business.  which i won't pimp here.

you'll have a choice of a purse/tote bag or a laptop case.

you'll get to choose ONLY ONE.  so donate your $5, post what you donated and your receipt number, and i'll have a grand post with photos of me drawing a name out of a hat or something and one of you will win your choice of AWESOME one of a kind things that i made with my own two hands.

plus, you'll be doing something good.  so get to it people! you have until midnight on sunday 03/06/2011 and i'll draw a winner on like tuesday or wednesday next week.


  1. I get paid on Friday. Until then I'm broke :( I promise to donate when I do. Only worked 6 hours last week as a result of my cold from hell.

    Just put a note on my calendar so when I donate I promise to come back and let you know. You're fabulous for doing this. I seriously hadn't thought about donating. I suck. Thanks babes.

  2. Holy crap.. I saw that letter and giggled then went "Sign Me UP!!" and put in 10 bucks. There are certain charitable organizations that could learn a lesson from this. Honesty IS the best policy.

  3. okay, seriously. at this point yandie's winning something because NO ONE ELSE has posted or anything. no one wants the good karma AND a free bag or notebook computer case? *cries*