Wednesday, March 30, 2011

croozin' 2011

omg we had way too much fun.  i'm tempted to just post all the photos and let it go.  but i guess i owe you all more than that.

royal caribbean was great.  i guess the ship seemed a bit classier than carnival, but not by much.  it may have been because there were 700+ college spring breakers on board.  or whatever.  but it was fun.  coco cay was great, but we missed freeport.  freeport was one of awesome husband and my favorite stops on our last cruise.  also, carvnival is generally a bit cheaper.  so i think for a short 4 day cruise like this, i'd probably go carnival in the future.  however, the newer royal caribbean ships are AMAZING and i wouldn't hesitate to book one of those.

we are actually planning another cruise next fall to scatter some of mom's ashes between the keys and freeport, where we scattered my stepfather in 2008.  not sure what line we'll take, but i know it will be fun.

okay, so let's get some photos going!

in our cabin - we brought on rum runners and cranberry juice to mix a few of our own drinks in the room
the view from our cabin - deck 9 'obstructed view' - not too obstructed at all
looking out at the open water over my feet.  i'm wearing awesome pink argyle socks.
awesome husband and i at dinner the first night
relaxing view from deck 12
our view on coco cay - we scoped out a spot near a bush and were pretty much left alone
i brought my camera in the water and took a picture of the beach - sooo prettyyyy
my tootsies in the clear water - SO not like beaches in new york
awesome husband in the water.  yeah, i hit that.  regularly. 
the inlet at coco cay where the tender boats dock - so many shades of blue/green
awesome husband and me on formal night.  i FINALLY got to wear my party dress!
we're so cute. and i'm so pale.
on the top of fort fincastle where you can see like ALL of nassau island
any excuse to get dressed up.  we're HAWT 

so we had lots of fun.  although i'm kind of bummed that i saved the dress i did for the last night, since they didn't do any professionally staged photos on the last night.  because i looked AMAZING.  and my tits were hanging out.  which i think contributed to my amazinglookingness.

it's funny: i feel like i should have long, involved stories for you.  i don't really.  we had a great time.  we drank more than we should have.  the term 'four-day-long hangover' was used more than once.  we saw a comedy show.  we were seated at a table for six at dinner but there were only four of us.  our tablemates were from boston.  red sox fans.  and we didn't have ANY PROBLEMS with them.  and this is the second set of great people we met on a cruise that happened to contain a red sox fan.  so awesome husband has decided that asshole boston fans go to disney, and cool boston fans go on cruises.

i was able to watch harry potter 7a (my name for 'harry potter and the deathly hallows part one') one time from start to finish.  and i watched bits and pieces of it a few times.  cruise ships don't have regular television - they have like specially designated cruise stations.  for instance, 'eye on royal caribbean' is cbs shows (the eye, get it?) like how i met your mother and craig ferguson.  and the style network is limited to like five different shows.  that they show over and over again.  cnn/cnn espanol is normal cnn.  espn is some strange conglomerate of espns.  and there are usually a few movie channels.  carnival had like three or four movies per cruise.  royal caribbean had A LOT - harry potter 7a, burlesque, something with matt damon, crazy all the time, like four other ones.  nice for relaxing time.  we also caught some baseball (thankfully - i can't WAIT FOR BASEBALL).  we saw a yankees and a mets spring training game.  we lost some money in the casino, but we made some back.  i would guesstimate we 'lost' about $30.  well.  maybe $40.

we saw the buildings on bay street that were decimated in the valentine's day fire on nassau.  we saw the new straw market building being built.  we saw drunken college girls being carried/groped out of senor frogs.  sadly, we were not offered drugs once.  not that we would ACCEPT.  but generally i get offered drugs like every ten minutes on nassau. 


now we've been back to work and the real world for a couple of days.  i know this is a long, photo filled, bandwith heavy post so we'll talk about the cats and life, the universe, and everything next time.



    And now I have the complete visual of you and awesome husband doing the... uh... cruise stuff. Yeah. Cruise stuff.

    Glad you had fun! Water looks amaaaaazing!



  2. Those are awesome pictures and I soooooo want a picture of my feet in water like that now! Hmmmm....will have to propose a trip to Hubby. Although we already have plans to go to Tok, Alaska (swear to God, that's it's name) and I would really like to get to New York (Syracuse-ish) to see Hubby's's been years and I don't like how confused he sounds on the phone lately. Oh, and then Disney World has a new baby Cheetah...I wanna go see that adorable little thing....and wouldn't mind checking out Wizarding World at Universal. Crap. I really need to get a job. But it looks like it was totally awesome and you and awesome husband are adorable together!!!

  3. disney world has a new baby cheetah?? i'm eight miles from animal kingdom and i didn't know that. also - harry poterville is GREAT, i did a blog about that last year...

  4. also, steph c - you would have LOVED my last night dress. i might have to wear it soon just to have an excuse to take photos of my tits... i mean, photos of myself in it. o_O

  5. omgahhhhh I adore your dress. I want it. I would screen shot it just to put it on my wish list, but that exceeds the limits of my permissible creepiness. So I won't. You're welcome.

    AND YOUR PICS ARE FABULOUS...but now I want a drink


    I mean...

    Dress pics! DRESS PICS!

  7. I want to go on another cruise again. They're awesome. I miss the Alaska one I went on last summer.

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