Tuesday, March 8, 2011


yes.  i'm disappointed.  ONE of you entered my superfantastic giveaway.

yandie is the only one awesome enough to have donated to that worthy cause - and is the winner of a rule 42, inc custom original.  yandie, congratulations and check here to see a recap of what you can choose from.  and the rest of you can go there and hopefully feel shame for not being as awesome as yandie.

yandie is awesome in many ways.  she's an awesome blogger here.  she's canadian, eh.  and a leo.  so it's obvious that not only is she great, but she's WINNING.

yes, charlie sheen reference.  i'm totes in the loop about that.

so i had a quick four-day vacay to new york for my dad's birthday.  my brother and i took him to our fave steakhouse for dinner.  i had three delicious margaritas and two bailey's on the rocks.  and almost hit two different waiters on three occasions.  we were a table of ten - my brother, sisterfromanothermister, my aunt and uncle, cousin and her boyf, and my twin half sisters.  dad talked me into sharing a porterhouse for two with him, which is a HUGE EFFING STEAK of fury.  it's like a 36 ounce steak or something ridiculous.  deliciously ridiculous.

AND THEN i got molested in the bathroom.  my aunt and i headed to the little girl's room to have a wee since we'd drank way more than we should have.  i had washed my hands and was waiting for her when the door opened into me (my fault, i was totes blocking it).  and i lead with my boobs.  and the woman who walked in shouted 'holy boobs!' and asked me how i did that.  i told her a push up bra.  then she started poking me in the tits.

i love my life sometimes.

i also ate more diner food than should be legal, drank too much, slept too little, spent too much money, and gained three pounds.

like i care.

so.  congrats to yandie, go follow her and her awesomeness.  and be sure that you're following my awesomeness or i might sic hand banana on you.  and remember, rape is almost always NOT funny.  but once in a while, it is.


  1. how did i miss that you were having a giveaway???? I always enter giveaways because I LOVE free stuff... stup google reader always does this to me. I hope you have another one so I can join in.. do i have you on twitter??

  2. I voted horrifying for the part about random strangers poking you in the boobs. Like, really? Do people not even THINK before they act now?

    That first part, not so horrifying. Awesome, actually. Thank you so much :-) and with the winning reference and everything.

  3. I like the Day of the Dead tote bag, myself (first one). What do I need to do from here?

  4. I would totally start a new religion based around porterhouse steaks.

  5. amber, i'm sure i'll figure out another giveaway. probably more competitive so i can see you all duke it out, figuratively of course.

    yandie, i was intoxicated enough that i thought it was hysterical. also, email me your info at my superprofessional email address, rule42inc(at)gmail(dot)com. put I WON SHIT YO in the subject. or not, you know. whatever.

    also, please don't spam me bitches. i get enough of that.

    nicki, yummmmm steak. easily one of my top five foods. along with cheese and diet coke. if diet coke even counts.

  6. Sent details out, hope it doesn't end up in junk mail (as sometimes happens)