Sunday, April 3, 2011

and on top of that, it's sunday.

i'm sorry i've been such a bad blog buddy.  really.  it's just some days, i don't know what to blog about.  some days, i think about blogging and then i chase a cat into mom's room and am overwhelmed with her smell.  then i forget what i was going to blog about.  i had SO MANY ideas on the cruise that i wanted to blog about.  stuff about nassau, royal caribbean, the lady that i decided i wanted to adopt as my new grandma, the multitude of scantily clad spring breakers (thank you, who ever invented the bikini).  all the rum i drank, dark rum mixed with ice and fruit juices and other rums with a bit more rum on top.  the amount of money i spent. ergh, no i don't really want to blog about that one lol.  we did spend more than i wanted to on an excursion, but it was really fun and we might do it our own way next time around.  because i really don't think there is much point to nassau.  it's like queens, but with more islanders and less greeks and jews.  and they're much more open about offering you pot or coke.


i woke up early today thanks to the fucking cats.  they cannot stop fighting and/or waking me up for no apparent reason.  it's okay though, awesome husband and i had plans today.  of course, plans never go according to plan.  we were supposed to wake up, have breakfast, do some organizing/cleaning/packing, play some video games, have some dinner, and watch some movies. 

breakfast was had.  i made bacon (not nearly as good as my father's bacon).  well, i didn't MAKE it.  i cooked it.  it was okay.  and there were eggs to be had.  then awesome husband was on garage-cleaning duty and i was going to start packing up some of the tchotchkes we have around this house. 

*editor's note: blogger is trying to tell me that 'tchotchkes' is misspelled.  blogger is wrong.  

mom had lots of little, breakable things that i've been saving shoe boxes to pack in.  so i packed up some of her glass paperweights, her little breakable thingamajigs, and some of my belleek.

*editor's note AGAIN.  blogger says 'thingamajigs' is correctly spelled.  fucking blogger.

so i packed up all these teensy things in shoe boxes, then packed the shoe boxes in one bigger box.  and then i made awesome husband help go through some of the totes and boxes he found in the garage.  and then i wanted to go through some of mom's clothes - might as well get rid of what's left.  especially since i listed some of the cooler stuff on ebay TWO TIMES to donate 90% of the proceeds to the american cancer society and only three things sold.  out of like 18.  damn it.  so the rest goes to charity.  and now i'm not sure i should bother listing any of her shoes.  so i'm keeping two pairs that are meaningful until i get to new york so my brother and i can decide what to do with them.


and there was a mets game on.  that i was watching while we were packing shit up.  and awesome husband gets all 'i guess i won't be able to play video games' and i got all pissy like WHAT THE FUCK I'M WATCHING A METS GAME NOW IT WILL NOT BE ON ALL FUCKING DAY.  i didn't say that.  i just thought it.  but really, it was like 2pm and we were still pack-clean-organizing and no WAY i'm doing that shit while he plays fucking red dead redemption.  i don't care how excited he is about it.

so finally we're done and we jump in the shower, and the mets game is almost over.  we watch the mets kick the marlin's collective fishy asses and then awesome husband boots up the xbox in the middle of a conversation.

most women in a long-term relationship probably all made the same noise just now.  it's remarkably like an 'nuh UH'.  or 'no way'.  or 'whatthefuckiswrongwithhim'.

we were having a discussion about when he wants to put his notice in at work.  we've settled on june 1st as our goal date to be in new york.  i've gotten some reports from realtors on what the house is worth, we've discussed getting a small storage unit to keep the boxes in, we've discussed what's going and what's not, and we paid some guy named manuel to rip a bush out of the ground on the side of the house.  we're hoping to have a realtor in by friday to get the house listed.  so we're in the middle of 'when can i put my two weeks notice in?' and 'but then we lose medical and i need my pristiq-tarzipan cocktail' and 'are we even going to bother going to new york for easter?' and nothing has been settled.


and he turns on the fucking xbox.  so i kind of lost it.

well, i got mopey and all 'whatever, play your game' and awesome husband is like 'you can play yours too' (i got the sims medieval and while i'm excited about it, i still haven't even loaded it on my mac).  and i was all WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A CONVERSATION and he just didn't fucking get it and i got tired, like really tired to my bones.  so i went to lie down for a nap, figuring he'd play his stupid fucking game.

and of course, THAT'S when he decides that the game can wait, after i've already EXHAUSTED myself emotionally by packing up mom's shit and trying to decide my life and arguing with him.  he comes in all apologetic and adorable and carrying the macbook pro like 'let's see if mom's name was removed from the mortgage, at least' because we can't really do ANYTHING until that happens (which it has).  and then he starts making sense and talking like a grown up and instead of being happy that it's getting settled and we're talking about it, i get ANGRIER because why the fuck are you doing this NOW?  what about an hour ago when i was OBVIOUSLY pissed about you playing your game?  instead of wasting that hour of me whining and bitching and trying not to cry and getting headachy while you stare blankly at me, silently enough that i'm not sure you're even fucking listening to me, WHY didn't we have this convo an hour ago?  because now it's even later, and we've still not solved anything, and you're still not playing your stupidfuckinggame.

so then he started playing his game.  and i started this blog post.  and he was like 'why don't i set a time on how long i can play, so i don't play too long and we can watch a movie together' and i'm thinking, 'gosh, that's thoughtful, he's not so bad after all' and he says, yeah, i'll only play for AN HOUR AND A HALF. 

yeah, that's not too long at all.

then awesome husband got all squirrely like 'why don't you load the sims on your mac and play?' because he just can't understand how i'm not like ZOMGIHAVEANEWGAMEIHAVETOPLAYITRIGHTAWAYFORHOURSONEND. like he is.

anyway.  so i spent the day smelling my dead mom while going through her shit and being pissed at awesome husband.  and all i have to show for it is three boxes, a raging headache, and this blog post.

sorry for being a downer, guys.  hey, at least you have house selling blogs to look forward to!  hopefully i end up with lots of interesting people looking at the house that i can make fun of with you.


  1. You must be so excited about your soon to be move. I think that it's awesome.

    And cats fight all the time babes. Breathe deep :)

  2. Don't apologize for downer posts. You're being honest and you're writing what you feel. That's what we love about this blog.


    Ah well. True all the same.

  3. I wonder if Awesomehusband just couldn't deal when you wanted to talk. Mebbe he didn't know what to say, or didn't know how to handle you, or couldn't read your emotions right... and add in that SUPERGAMEEXCITEMENT.

    I'm sure he realizes how hard all this is for you. In my experience men just want to fix things. So... if they can't fix it, they avoid or do other stupid shit.

    Anyway... I like these posts. Not that you are unhappy, but because they are just so honest. And I can relate to so much of your emotion.

    WTH? I'll shut it now.

  4. Yeah, I'm like a month late commenting on this, but I'm sorry you had such a hard day. :(