Friday, April 22, 2011

it certainly is a good friday.

i mean, it's THE good friday for you fun loving christians out there.  time to celebrate poor jesus getting beat the fuck up, hung on a cross to die, and buried under a huge fucking rock.


at least you get all those chocolate bunnies and starburst jelly beans on sunday.  not sure why, but there you go.

i remember dying eggs with my mom and brother for easter.  my mom liked hard boiled eggs (i hate them).  she'd let me help peel them sometimes, though. 

and being the horrifically imaginative child that i was, i'd take all those different colored cracked egg shells and glue them to paper to make a picture.


and my mom would ooh and ahh over them, and then probably distract me with a matchbox car or the cat or something and throw it out.  because no one in their right mind keeps TRASH glued to a piece of paper for years.  even if their kid made it.

i mean, egg shells? really?  good job, steph. 


anyway.  it's not a BAD friday, i suppose.  i have to work for a couple of hours, do some civil rightsy project for my 'cultural diversity' class (which i call my ethnics class.  haha), and then one of my besties is coming to spend the night.  probably because she really really likes me and awesome husband.

probably not because she likes awesome husband working on her car for free.

we'll go with choice 'a'.  (just kidding, bestie.  you know i'm kiddin' ya.)

and then i have to work for two hours tomorrow morning while bestie sleeps in.  and then who knows what we'll do.  as long as it doesn't involve cleaning my house or prostitution.

other than that, i'm pretty open.  and i do have to go pick up my copy of 'mortal kombat' at game stop.  which is right near lane bryant.  which i have a $25 gift cheque to.  yes, the spell it 'cheque'.  i guess it makes it fancier than saying 'here's a $25 COUPON that you can use for anything'.  or a gift CERTIFICATE saying 'since you keep spending so much money on bras in our store, here's something to show our appreciation'.  it's a 'cheque'.  and only valid until may 1.  know when i got it?  three days after i went to lane bryant to stock up on underwear.  which is 5 for $29.

guess i'm getting more panties.

in other news, i can't sleep through the night.  because i hate waiting for shit i have no control over.  our potential buyers want to close may 18th.  MAY FUCKING EIGHTEENTH.  that gives us less than a month to pack up and find a place to live in new york.  1200 miles away from where i am now.  monday is awesome husband's last day of work, so he'll kick packing's ass.  but finding a place to live?  and technically they aren't GUARANTEED to buy the house????


i mean, they waived their right to inspection.  because they're eager to get in the house, supposedly.  and they put $1K in escrow and they have to pay for the appraisal.  so if they walk away, they're out that money.  but we have to wait for the lender/underwriter to get off their asses and order the appraisal.  that's where i'm freaking out.  because they can still walk away after the appraisal.  so it's like, do i just assume it's all going to go through and find a place to live with that may 18th date in mind, or do i wait longer and see what happens?  and what if i get us that place to live for may 18th and shit falls through?? then we'll still have to move to new york and pay for that place AND pay for the house down here until it sells.

which is why i'm on a steady diet of tarzipan and chocolate.

and tonight is not only bestie night, but chili's night.  where we go to drink margaritas and beer and have something to eat.  it's our friday night thing.  i'm finding that my tolerance for tequila seems to be slipping.

or my girls at the bar are slipping more alcohol into those presidente margaritas. 

i knew those big tips would pay off.

ALSO i did a bit of light housekeeping on my blog page.  see over there?? to the left <~~~~~  near the top.  i've connected my tweetiness to the blog!  FANTASTIC!  and you can uptweet my ass or share me on the facebook.  DO IT.  you know you want to.  i'll send you all delicious margaritay thoughts tonight if you do.

ALSO ALSO.  i lost a reader.  wish there was like a rule that when you unfollow someone, you have to say why.  like, did my bewbz offend them?  am i not funny enough?  not skinny enough?  just that much more full of The Awesome than they are? 

the world may never know.


  1. made me want Starburst jelly beans. Now I have to go through all of the plastic Easter eggs I made and hid for my bf to find (he's 29...) and find some. I also want a sunset margarita from Chili's. Grrr...

    Good luck with all of the house shit. I know it can be really stressful. My bf was going that around this time last year...except he didn't have a house to sell. But he was trying to beat the deadline for the tax credit. Just remember to breathe, and that the world will not end if things don't happen on time. You'll still have awesome husband and your loyal followers.

    *hugs and smiles*

  2. "time to celebrate poor jesus getting beat the fuck up, hung on a cross to die, and buried under a huge fucking rock."

    I went crabbing instead of celebrating. WAIT. I did have steak. So that's celebrating, right? But I had to cook it. For like, a lot of people. Sigh. I suck at this whole "easter" thing.