Monday, April 11, 2011

i hate packing. i hate moving.

i hate packing and moving.  although i'm excited to get back to new york to be with my family.  but let me back up a bit here.

so saturday morning i had a realtor from an investmenty company come in.  i was hoping that she'd be all like 'we'll totes offer you ALMOST what you owe on your house on the spot' and was sorely disappointed.  about $21K disappointed.  HOWEVER.  she works with this investmenty company and is an actual realtor.  the good stuff is that the investmenty company she works with, while they will not buy my house, will share the listing with their entire database of over TWENTY THOUSAND investors who are looking for something just like my house.  she then proceeded to take out the dreaded market comparison make me cry analysis which says not only is my house worth 50% less than what we paid for it less than five years ago, but houses at the price i was hoping to list at are sitting on the market for over two hundred days.  or forever, which do you prefer?  because it's the same thing to me.  she then tells me that these houses are only selling once they hit about $5-10K less than what i wanted to ask.  and shows me the houses at that price point that are comparable to mine and priced accordingly.

dude, these houses are selling in under 25 days.  some in SEVEN DAYS.  one week from listing, boom they are sold.  so it's not all about location, it's about pricing. 

and our superrealtor is coming tonight to take photos of our lovely abode and list it.  and we may be having an open house/garage sale this weekend.  superrealtor told me that many real estate peeps have gotten away from that and she thinks it sucks.  people apparently used to have combo open house/garage sales ALL THE TIME.  so they were selling their shit and their house at the same time!


and we have A LOT of shit to sell. of course, i'm secretly hoping that superrealtor will list the house tonight and have a gazillion offers by tomorrow.  not likely i know.  but maybe by like thursday?  so we can just ixnay the open house and sell this bad boy?  it's not a lot to ask, right?

awesome husband has put in his two weeks notice at work.  i know, totes putting the cart before the horse but he's fed up with his job, and we actually aren't hurting for money at this second.  so i figured he's worth more to me at home packing.  so i can keep working and doing the school thing and what not.  i gave superrealtor the moving deadline of june 1st and she seems to think that will be no problem. 


so awesome husband will work til the end of this month and have some time to pack and move and find a job in new york.  which we also have some leads on. 

i fucking hate packing and moving and the stress.  i hate having to go through my mom's stuff to put it in boxes and bring it to new york.  i hate having to do all this shit still.  but at least it looks like it might go fairly smooth. 

ALSO! i gots me another award, and it requires a picture of my BEWBZ.  i know stephaniec will be thrilled with the idea of seeing my BEWBZ.  i'm under a lot of pressure to make sure i get the right picture chosen, so it may be a couple of days until i post info about this newest award presented to me from semi true torystellar.


  1. Good luck with the sale. Been through all that recently and it is a stressy time.
    Fingers crossed you will find a buyer quickly

  2. We're moving June 1st tooooo! Though we don't have to sell the house. Just move all kinds of heavy furniture down three loonnnnng flights of stairs. Jesus, why aren't we hiring people again?

  3. because you're poor and margaritas aren't cheap? just a guess.

    we're not hiring people either. we never have. unless me allowing awesome husband to take weeks off work unpaid to pack the house in between playing fucking video games counts as 'hiring someone'.

  4. That 50% less thing is heartbreakingly sucky.

    I am so pumped for the BEWBZ! I see the above posts, but had to catch up on the older posts first!!!

    *containing excitement!!*