Saturday, April 16, 2011

do over

okay so apparently some people are calling shenanigans on my bewbz pictures that i posted as part of accepting my nice rack blog award.  now, in my defense i went through all the photos i have on my computer, which constist of basically every picture i've taken since 2004.

which means photos of my wedding, my honeymoon, my cats, disney, and two major car accidents that i was in. 

and not as much bewbage as you'd expect.  and the bewbz that were in my records were actually, well, bewbz.  like, fully naked bewbz from when i took photos of my nipple rings.  back when i had them.  because they migrated.

yes.  shutup.

so i was like, i guess i'll have to take new pictures that kind of showcase the bewbz a bit more.  also in my defense, i don't have a fully anonymous blog so my friends and family members read this.  including (possibly) my brother.  who hasn't ever seen my bewbz and neither of us has any desire to change that.

of course, almost everyone else that i know has seen my bewbz.  numerous times.



my bewbz in a ghostbuster shirt. you know you jealous.

more bewbz.  BEWBZ i tell you.

that's right, bitches.  these are my BEWBZ.  werd 2 yo momma.


  1. Much better bewb-age. We'll count the go over!

    Remind me to ask you do nipple rings migrate?

  2. Words can not describe my envy of your sweet Ghostbusters shirt.

  3. Okay, two dedicated awesome bewbz posts... I am totally and completely:

    A) Jealous of boobage
    B) Way too intimated to allow my lowly somewhere between A&B cups to be showcased.

    How can someone follow your post??? Geez.

    *goes off sulking in corner*

  4. Damn chica. Nice tits! Mine look like puddles in my bra. :(

  5. You're so adorable!!!!!

    I like how you spell "bewbz" Hehe.

  6. Love your hair!!


    Sorry, I'm currently in the teenage phase where I am a tiny bit obsessed with (my lack of) boobs.

  7. The way you spell boobs as "bewbz" is hilarious; I'm going to have to start using that. Maybe that somebody is just simply jealous of yours and your Ghostbuster attire? Her loss!