Saturday, July 16, 2011

weekend update

SO. i am working on multiple blog posts.  one about my hair.  one supersecret possible BEWBZ related.  i'm also considering *finally* setting up my youtube channel, which will mostly have my cats on it.

because, seriously, what the fuck is the internet for if not laughing at cats?

no, that was NOT rhetorical.  fucking answer me.

in the meantime, i'm on google+ now and it's kind of my public persona, i guess.  facebook is really for people i know (or people i've known online long enough that i know they're not going to steal my identity, stalk me, or try to kill me).  but i'm going to keep google+ as kind of for everyone.  i think you need my email, right?

right? am i doing this right?

and in the meantime, two of my new favorite twitterers: @dalailama and @wilw.  wil wheaton.  pretty normal and very funny. 

and finally, carmageddon.  seriously, los angeles?  SERIOUSLY?!?!?  CARMAFUCKINGGEDDON?

am i the only one who has been singing def leppard's 'armageddon it' it my head all morning long?


  1. I might stalk you and try to kill you. You just never know....except that drive cross country would all sorts of wear me out and I might have to crash on your couch a few days before I could muster the steam to stalk and kill you. So there you have it.

    And on a separate and unrelated note, no idea what google +1 is for or how to use it. I think like Twitter it might be over my head.

  2. well, the recovery time would give me a chance to ply you with vodka and charm you. so you wouldn't want to kill me.

    in reality, it wouldn't be stalking-and-killing, but kind of like a vacation.