Friday, July 8, 2011

are you there, goddess? it's me, stephanie.

one of my current classes is HUM/130 - religions of the world.  i was kind of stoked to take this class.

okay, REALLY stoked.  i love politely discussing religion and sharing my ideas and interpretations with other open minded people.  note that i said OPEN MINDED people.  that may be important later in the story.

well, it's not actually a STORY per se.  more just me bitching about things.  and stuff.

now, my class blocks are nine weeks long and i take two classes at a time.  week 1 in my religion class was 'effects of religion'.  we had to talk about psychologists and philosophers and their views on religion (waste. of. time. if you ask me). i got sad and angry because i lost A LOT of points on a project because the facilitator doesn't know how to properly pose a fucking question.  SUCH AS insinuates like examples.  discuss some bright colors SUCH AS pink, blue,  and yellow would mean discuss colors that are bright, like pink, blue,  and yellow are.  i could discuss whatever fucking color i wanted to.  discuss some bright colors INCLUDING pink, blue, and yellow would mean discuss pink and yellow you asshole.  the facilitator put SUCH AS so i discussed pink, purple, and lime green.  and she only gave me credit for pink and said 'i don't think you got the point of the assignment.  purple and lime green are interesting, but not what i asked for'. 

um, what?

so i was all like 'such as insinuates that you offered examples, etc'. like just what i typed up there.  she was all 'i'll consider it' and then gave me 28/30 instead of the original 14/30.

but still, i have an 88 in that class at that point.  which will COMPLETELY FUCK my 4.0.  i know, i know.  a 3.8 wouldn't kill me.  but if i'm going to do something, i'm going to DO IT and i want my damn 4.0.

so week 2 is indigenous peoples.  which is interesting to me because christianity all but wiped out most indigenous cultures worldwide. 

but don't tell christians that. 

there were actually 'classmates' of mine who were like 'indigenous people believed in many gods because christian God had not yet shown Himself to them'.

ergh... what?

so that is basically how my week 2 went.  slightly entertaining, very frustrating, and lots of rewriting responses to my classmates so i don't come off as hating christians (because i totes don't).

this week is week 3 and we're learning about hinduism, which is much more up my alley.  i'm a bit bummed that neo-paganism isn't touched on at all, but there was mention of 'new age'.  i'm desperately hoping that paganism and/or wicca isn't shoved in there as it usually is.

psychology class is much less frustrating.  it's more challenging to me, and i'm enjoying it even though i'm not doing perfectly.  i have like 94% in that class and am back up to 90% in religion, so if i really stick to it and try to get full credit on everything, i might eek out an A in each class. 

in other news, jake can't stop biting his butt and has to wear one of those hysterical collars now.  long story, expect photos though.  he had a wound back when we still lived in florida that was healing and then was not healing and then was healing and is now not healing again and he picks at it and chews at it.  so he's wearing a fashionable collar now that we're hoping to sign with sharpies like it was a cast in elementary school.

and finally, be prepared for the blog entry of all blog entries coming up soon.  i've been saving this since last april and we are nearing completion.  that ought to wet your collective whistles for a bit.  trust me, it will be worth it.


  1. I completely agree with you and so would any English Comp professor. "Such as" means, "for example." If the test question read: Discuss a fruit, such as a banana, an orange and an apple. The correct answer would be discussing a pear or a pineapple (or any other fruit) without even mentioning the three in the prompt.

    If she wanted you to discuss pink, blue and yellow she should have said, "Discuss the following bright colors: pink, blue and yellow." Or as you suggest, "Including pink, blue and yellow." That would mean you must mention those three plus a couple others.

    All this to say, good for you challenging her. If she didn't comply I would have suggested you go to the department head.

  2. Well, nothing I can say would enhance yogurt's reply, so I'll just say that I agree HEARTILY with the previous comment.