Monday, July 25, 2011

hi there


how've you been?

me? okay, i guess.  not really busy.

just, you know.  tired.  and sad.  so lots of napping has gone on.

i have a whole blog post ready to go, i just need to add a couple of after pictures.

but, you know.  tired.  and sad.

so i really haven't been doing much of anything.  except eating cookies and tarzipan.

and rum.

lots of rum.

bucketfuls actually.

it's a picture from last weekend.  but still relevant.  however, i have retired the bucket and now only use it for it's delicious printed recipe.

i mean, my cat was in one of those collars for a while.  but we took it off when he got shit on it.  did i show that to you guys?

i can't stop biting my butt.  well, my rump.  you know how it is.  right?  do you?

and now he's biting his butt again.  not as much, though, because i keep spraying it with nasty tasting shit.

and i got a new tattoo.  but it's all peely right now so i'm not posting photos of it yet.  i actually got two, one small one on my hand and a big one on my arm.  i love tattoos.

so, what else... what else...

nothing, really.  nothing good at least.

but i always have my family and friends.  and cats.  they all love me and keep me semi-sane.

we get by.


  1. I know all about the sad and napping thing. You hang in there.

  2. Pretty kitties! And looking forward to Tat pics. As middle child said, hang in there :-)

  3. Your kitties are the sweetest. And I agree with Yangie. Hang tough :)