Sunday, September 25, 2011

bad blogger. bad, bad blogger.

sorry y'all.  it's been a busy, busy week.

i've started a new position with the company that subcontracts me and we were training/certifying new people all week.  i barely slept thursday and friday for scoring things.

ugh.  thank goddess for diet coke and coconut ices.

anyway.  i hope to get back on the wagon, as it were.  i'm having some personal-y shit going on and have been contemplating some more serious stuff than i usually do.  i've been thinking about going to al-anon to try and deal with my father and step-father's alcoholism and how i was affected.  i'm also back on the diet/exercise train tomorrow because i don't have to wake up early for class for the first time in a month. 

so some new things.  life is changing.


  1. Please, someone, chain me to the diet and exercise train. Lord knows I need to hop aboard.

    Let us know how the new job goes, and how the serious stuff works out-- you know I'm rooting for you.

    Also, did you name your house "the House of Doooooooom?" Because then I love you.

  2. i didn't name it. my brother and his friends did. i stand by it, though.