Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ch-ch-ch-changes. but not really.

i still haven't gone to an al-anon meeting.  i keep saying i will.  i know i should.  but i keep finding other things to do.  i mean, we only have one car so i can only go after awesome husband gets home from work.  and after we eat dinner.  and what not.  and i'm mostly lazy.

and i failed another math test.  i sincerely hate algebra.  with a burning passion.  i'm still pulling a 94 in the class.  somehow.  still hate the shit out of it.

i still haven't found a face-cleaning regimen that doesn't make my acne worse.  i don't get why i'm 31 with fucking acne.  shouldn't i be worrying about wrinkles and retinol, not acne and salicylic acid??  oh, and i finally started taking my birth control pills last month since my uterus and ovaries despise me.  bleeding from my vagina for 13 months straight?  my reproductive organs have done it to me.  not having my period for 11 months with NO MEDICAL EXPLANATION? they've pulled that shit on me too.  anywhere from 45 to 150 days between 'periods' that last from one day to eleven days?  that's NORMAL for me.  so i finally asked for birth control pills, the ones where you only get your period every 90 days.

i've been taking them for 31 days.  guess what just happened.

yes. i got my period.  WHAT. THE. FUCK.  i don't even know the fucking logistics of this shit.  i'm so angry i don't even know if i'm typing english at this point.

i was mostly worried that the shift in my hormones would make me extra batshit crazy.  it has not.  and the pristiq is still delicious.

of course, i decided i should go back to therapy and started playing the 'let's call therapists and find one that specializes in shit i need and is taking new patients and actually calls me back' game.

i have NO PROSPECTS after a week of playing that game.

but this weekend is my anniversary, awesome husband and i will have been married seven years.  he's planning some kind of dinner and museum thing in the city.  i keep trying to figure out where he's taking me.  i know i mentioned daniel a couple of weeks ago because they have a prix fixe at $195 a person which is A LOT but i mean, hi - it's DANIEL.  and then there's bobby flay's bar americain, which he knows i've wanted to go to for a long time.  other than that, i have no ideas. 

in other news: i'm abusing my slow cooker.  i've been making black beans and rice, and middle eastern spiced stews.  i also found all the stuff i need to make sushi.  i have the bamboo mat rolly thingy, and a sushi rice paddle.  sesame seeds (regular and black), sriracha sauce, rice vinegar.  now i just need to actually make sushi rice and decide what i'm putting in it.  i'm thinking of starting easy with some kind of vegetable rolls and spicy tuna rolls.  i'm excited to try though.

other than that, just a normal fall in new york.  it's nice to be back, but i forgot how cold it gets at night.  i have to remember to close the windows.  and i have to call and get oil delivered.  which is expensive and annoying.

oh, and i'm working on my next tattoo!  awesome husband's sleeve is just about done - expect photos soon.  and mine should be done on the 15th.  maybe i'll do an entire post with just photos of our new ink :)


  1. Christine NicholsonOctober 5, 2011 at 9:34 PM

    I thought u don't go to the city???????

  2. YOU READ ONE OF MY BLOGS??? i'm shocked. but i don't, i really don't like it. but i told him he could plan our anniversary since it's the first one we won't be going to epcot's food and wine festival. and now i'm going to the city. i'm trying to convince him to hire a town car or something, but it appears i'll have to take a train >.<