Tuesday, May 8, 2012

hmmm... hello.

hello.  hi there.  how have you been?

me?  okay, i guess.  eating 1400 calories a day, plus half of my exercise calories back.  and not losing ANY FUCKING WEIGHT.

i've been busting my hump in the gym, either on the treadmill or the bicycle, and weight training, six days a week.  and i haven't lost ANY FUCKING INCHES.

so basically, i'm eating so carefully and working out and doing all the things i'm supposed to do, and NOTHING IS HAPPENING.

okay, i lost 2.4 pounds.  in almost THREE WEEKS.  that's ridiculous.  i mean, seriously, i should have lost more than that in water weight alone. 

oh, and speaking of water.  FIFTY SOMETHING OUNCES A DAY?!  i fucking hate water.  it's horrible.  i hate drinking it.  and yet, here i am, drinking between 50-60 ounces a day, every day.  and then i can switch to my diet crack coke. 

i mean, at least i'm eating better.  right? 

i'm trying to get in touch with a registered dietician that my doctor recommended.  that way i can be sure i'm doing what i'm supposed to be doing.  because some things i see say to eat my 1400 calories and work out all i want - but then if i burn 1000 calories, i've only really 'eaten' 400... so won't my body go into starvation mode?  i mean, 1400 calories is already a deficit, right?

i think so.  most things i can find online say that my basal metabolic rate should be between 1900-2300 calories a day.  that's how many calories i need to, like, live.  like, breathing and brain function and shit like that.  so 1400 calories a day is already a deficit. 

sooooo... i should already be losing weight.  right?


anyway.  so i've not been blogging because i've been busy not making money as a body piercer and struggling over choosing where to go to school.

other than that.  times are good. 


  1. It's frustrating as hell, hear ya. I'm up and down like mad.. Last week I somehow managed to drop 6 lbs (water retention? I tthink so). Now I'm up three and a half, from two days ago. Ri-fricken-diculous.

    1. probably water. the last time i 'dieted' i lost 11 pounds in the first 8 days - all water. my body then slowed down to losing about a pound a week.

  2. Weightloss is crazy frustrating -- but those 2.5 pounds are an achievement in themselves! It's such a bitch to change your whole lifestyle without seeing results, but you're gonna be shedding those pounds long-term (the healthy way!)! YEAH BITCHES!

    I had to add that last part because this whole comment sounded way too cheery. And I HATE overly cheery people.