Tuesday, June 12, 2012

well, at least i posted *something*

my last 40 minutes at the shop today, and i'm going to write a bit of a post. 

thing have been going... well, going.  things have picked up at the shop a bit for me.  today alone i did hip piercings, a nipple piercing, and a nostril piercing.  which is a pretty fucking good day as far as piercing is concerned. 

i had a call back on one of my many resumes submitted.  a phone interview.  which i guess might lead to an in-person interview.  who knows how long this process could take lol.  and i put in an application at a place i used to work before i got married.  it's a great company to work for and it would be neat to go back.

and i'm still personal training with my personal trainer.  we did lower body today and ZOMG OW.  i had to do squat thingies and calf raises and these backward-lunge-into-a-kick thing and my obliques and my glutes and holy fuck, he made me lean against a wall and squat and hold it for 30 seconds and it FUCKING HURTTT.  but i know it's good because i burned over 500 calories during my 50 minute workout.

of course, i'm eating back all of my workout calories today because i'm fucking hunnnnnnnngrrrryyyyyyyyy.

tomorrow i have a facial and a massage lined up, as well as my 'phone interview'.  and i may weed the garden a bit if it stops fucking raining.  we'll see about that.  we'll see.

on a final note, my hair is no longer mostly pink.  i'm dark brown again.  awesome husband was a bit taken aback, i've been pink for almost 5 years.  pictures soon, i promish.  but until then, here's a reminder of what my hair *used* to look like...


  1. so what the hell is a hip piercing?

    1. it's a surface piercing done on the front of the hip. i'll have to do another post with photos of some of my piercings ;)